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I'm 15 and i've had streach marks on my upper thighs and my butox for about 2-ish years and A few months ago I started P.E. in school and relized that it was time to take care of my streach marks and i was researching a lot of different things that weren't too cazy, and didn't cost a lot of money and i went to Wallmart and in the lotion isle, i found Vitamin A creme but it's not just vitamin E it's vitamin A And D also and i put that on after every shower and every morning and night and it's been two weeks and they have shrunk to moe than half the size they were! it's made by genes and it's yellow in a plastic jar and it was like $11 and it's lasted me months! hope it does the same for you, my results were amazing!


Okay.So I used 100% cocoa butter creme with vitamin E it is working sooo good. I had sooo many stretch marks from gaining and losing fat. It was horrible!! It's like I can feel it working on my stretch marks!!! It's been six days and I already see improvements. I hope you have the same luck as me


Hi, all!

I started developing stretch marks when I had a growth spurt during puberty.It left me with stretch marks on my butt, the backs of my upper thighs and my calves. When I became pregnant and gained weight, I developed more stretch marks behind my legs, on my butt and this time on my breasts and stomach as well. So, I'm basically completely covered in stretch marks. After using all sorts of creams (Revitol being the biggest rip off) I found TriLastin SR and I used it for about four months (twice a day) and I saw pretty good results. Unfortunately, I don't have the money at the moment to buy any TriLastin but when I get the chance, I'll but a couple of tubes along with a derma-roller. I really believe that applying the TriLastin after having used the derma-roller (using the derma-roller five days a week) will rid me of my stretch marks. I'll be sure to come back and let you know how that works.


My name is amanda and I have had these ugly marks for 10 years. I want to share what worked for me so maybe it will help others. I use the 100 percent cocoa butter stick but I use palmers stick. I get mine at walmart. Then I go get jergens skin firming bronzing lotion. This combo is awesome. I use the stick like 3 times a day and the lotion everyother day after a shower. The lotion makes all the marks blend in with your skin tone and firms your skin while the stick firms and shrinks the marks and takes all red out. Trust me. People notice the difference. Not just me seeing changes. Sometimes also using caffeine will make the skin shrink like using coffee grounds once or twice a week in the shower. Sounds crazy I know but it works. Once you get in the routine, its a sintch. So remember, jergens skin firming bronzer, and 100 percent cocoa bitter stick. Nothing else or your gonna freak your skin out. Good luck. Let me know how it goes!!


100% cocoa butter everynight on marks, exfoliate, and no more weight gain. If you're pregnant, make sure you keep body moist at all times whether its cocoa butter or vaseline it does not matter. I'm 27 with two kids and have no noticeable stretch marks, I had some on my inner thighs after rapid weight gain and some on my upper arms. They faded away over about 6 months of doing this.


guys!!!!!!ok everyone knows that stretch marks are in the dermis etc,,,and that you cant get rid of them,,,watever,,,ok,,,you can definetly make them disappear,,all you need to do is find a product that will work for you.ok well i am a 15 year old girl and have stretch marks that arent bad,,not that noticeable,they are oh my arms,breasts,sides and front of my stomach,behind my knees,in my inner legs at the top,,,,ok well they are all barely noticeable,,and the ones that bother me the most are the ones on my stomach and arms,,well like most people i wanted to get rid of them,,so a while back i got my mother to buy me 3 bottles of trilastin off the internet,,i didnt finish off the supply,,i used around 2 bottles on my stomach and arms and they did improve.everyone knows that stretch marks are embarrassing and i didnt want to have to ask my mother for more stuff of the internet and considering that the trilastin wasnt that great,,,after a while on the internet one night i came up with an idea.i thought of all the things that people are always telling you to put on the stretch marks,,and i made a mixture of a bottle i put in some shea butter,,extra virgin olive oil,bio-oil,vit e oil,palmers stretch mark lotion and some trilastin only because i had some left over....i mixed it up really well and that is the mixture.i only started this on the 25-5-09,,,so im only on my second day.also i have a shower every night and in there i exfoliate my skin before i apply the mix,,only in the night,i apply the mix morning and night.i will be back on to post a comment about if im seeingany results in 1/2 weeks,,for stretch marks go it takes around 6 months.ok well that is it,i just wanted to share it with you because i know how self concious and sad they can make you,,,please no negative comments as i said i was only trying to help,if you are going to try it tell me i would love to hear if it works for someone,love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx :D

jelly belly

Coffee grinds! Just take the morning grinds from your machine and buff onto your skin in the shower. I do this every morning and rinse after about 5 minutes of exfoliating with the grinds (thighs, stomach, whatever). After the shower, MASSAGE on a cocoa butter+ vitamin E + collagen lotion or oil (Palmers). Whether it's the caffeine and the oil, or just the act of exfoliation and massage, it makes my skin soft and firmer and reduces the pinkness of the stretch marks.


Every morning and night rub E Palmers cocoa butter formula on your stomach, breasts, thighs and butt. It will definately help you in not getting stretch marks!!


hi. sorry i don't have a remedy, but i would like to offer some hope. i am 17 y/o, never been pregnant, but i've had weight issues that have given me stretch marks. i heard that you can't get rid of them so i never did anything about them, because what was the point? after a few months of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING they started to fade on their own. so i started massaging them with just WATER and they are almost gone after a few weeks. i think i will try some of these remedies and perhaps they will help. anyway i just wanted to say that just because some people can't get rid of them it doesn't mean that nobody can... we are all different. good luck to everyone!!


the Vit E and wow!!! noticed results after one night. Anyways am 22 and start taking the pill recently and as some of you may or may not know the hormones in the pill sometimes make your boobs bigger. Which happend to me. I am really skinny and never had much of a bust so initially I was delighted but then I noticed I was getting whit stretch marks that started offoff unnoticeabale but atrt looking worse on my chest. Anyway I got really self concious about them and stopped wearing low cut tops as you could see them. Anyways was reading this site last night and saw about the Vit E and remembered I had some Vit E capsules so I exfoliated the area really well (just with an exfoliater I had already...basically any of them body scrubs with the grains threw them should do)....the capsules were basically the plastic ones you take as tablets but they were clear and had oil in the inside so I just pierced them with a needle and got the Vit E oil out and massaged it into the stretch marks....checked this morning and they have nearly vanished! I was so happy!!!....I am going to go buy some proper Vit E cream today other than having to keep breaking the capsules.....but I highly recommend all of you try this. I was genuinely shocked at how well and quickly! it worked. Hope you all have as good results as I did :)

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