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I'm 20 and had horrible stretch marks, it even led me to never wearing shorts or a bathing suit. Luckily I found a solution that has worked for me. Vaseline makes an oil and lotion, both are not more than $10 each. First I take a shower, than towel off. I put Vaseline 'Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil' (about $7 for a bottle) on my stretch marks, than I rub on Vaseline 'Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning body lotion' (about $10 for a bottle). It is very sticky but works wonders. I than sleep in cotton pants. It has been 2 months of doing this and my stretch marks are almost GONE! You can barely even seen them.


I'm useing for about 3 months now a mixture of shea butter/karitè butter, olive oil and almond oil and my stretch marks are almost disappeared...It is incredible!I started as an experiment, because the first time I saw this was on internet on a video that ''tonya tko''made...I've never belived that ''killing stretch marks'' was so easy...
You should try this mix is even chip...
A beautiful skin to all!


Okay stretch marks can make a person feel so bad about themselves. So I basically want to share my success story with everyone in hopes that it will also help you. I had my first child when I was just barely 19 years old. By the end of my pregnancy I had horrible stretch marks on my stomach, hips, thighs, butt and behind my legs! I was completely devastated. I have been wearing jeans for 9 years and avoiding swimming at all costs. It makes me feel so sad and bad about myself inside. I have tried everything under the sun and I have finally found something that works. Buy a dermaroller off ebay (much cheaper) I got a 1.5 for $17.99 and free shipping. Buy emu oil also off ebay $6.99 free shipping as well and trilastin SR $79 yes it's pricey but it works! Take a hot shower dry off and use your dermaroller. It pokes a little but nothing too bad. After that rub the trilastin SR into the stretch marks in a circular motion then rub some emu oil over that. This seriously works even on my old stretch marks! It will take a month or 2 for them to be pretty much invisible to the eye. Also my stomach had some loose skin which tightened up nicely. I truly hope that this works for anyone that tries it. Even if yours don't completely go away they will be sooo much lighter and smoother =)


I asked my mom if she could get me bio-oil at the store. But she refused and said to look for a bottle in the medicine cabinet that says J/A/S/O/N on it. Its made with vitamin E and Aloe Vera. I felt sticky afterwards but i started to see a major difference.


3 Words... Alpha Hydroxy Acid


I had stretch marks all over my body and no cream ever helped so, I researched how do we get stretch marks and found out that they are basically scars from stretching that healed and now all those dead skin cells that connect the tissue are stuck on the top layer and that's why we look like zebras.
Only way to loose them is to shed those old dead skin cells which you can do at the spa and will cost you $200 per treatment or you can do it at home cheaply but you need to be disciplined. Creams that come with those abrading crystals that shed dead cells can be very expensive and you don't get enough product to treat stretch marks. After much looking I found this site that sells pure crystals(google medicalcrystals) that you mix with your own cream. I was surprised by low price because instead of 1oz cream I could get 1lb of crystals and prepare 2lbs of crystal cream and that's more then enough for the whole body.
I received instructions to mix 1 spoon of crystals with 2 spoons of cream or oil (vitamin E, shea butter) and massage this paste in circular motions for couple of minutes. I did this before every other shower for a month and all stretch marks are gone that I had on my boobs, those on my hips and belly faded significantly but will have to continue with treatments for a month or so. Now I can't wait to go to the beach and not be embarrassed by my body. I love to tell people about this treatment because it really works. Just go to their web site www dot medicalcrystals dot com and look at the photos. www*medicalcrystals*com
P.S. Customer service is super nice to explain and suggests what's good for your skin type.

Cindi Ford

Another treatment being used to remove stretch marks is micro needling or derma rollers. I have been using one for about a week now and documenting my progress on my blog skinexperiment dot com. So far I see some changes. I am going to buy some of the revitol if this doesn’t work.


I've had stretch marks for three years now, and have tried many products. I recently decided to give Bio Oil a try, and after four weeks of using it twice daily I noticed they have gotten lighter. It says to use it for three months, so I'm hoping they will become even less visible. You can buy it at any store with a pharamacy like Walgreens or Jewel. Its fairly cheap, one bottle is 11 dollars but it lasts the whole month. Hope this helps!


I gained 10 lbs after going away to college, and one day I noticed stretch marks on my hips. I found a vitamin E oil, made by Sally Hanson at CVS Pharmacy. I believe it was labeled for use on scars. I applied this daily to the area and after a few months, I noticed the stretch marks were completely gone! I am so happy I used that product! I have recommended it to several friends. Good luck!!


Use Vick's Vapor rub 3 times a day and after showers. Massage it in for 10 minutes using a neutragena electric deep clean pore cleaner, and wrap yourself in a garbage bag over night, and saran wrap under your clothes during the day. I swear I don't know how it works technically but it got rid of them. Just keep doing it till they are gone. Make sure your skin is clean. I had 2 kids and tons of stretch marks and i cant see them anymore(that doesn't mean they're not there, I just cant see them.)

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