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Hi ladies. I'm 17 years old and 38 weeks pregnant. I started getting stretch marks @ about week 30 and I got them on my lower half of my stomach, love handles & boobies! I was thinking noooo anywhere but the boobies lol. I started doing some research and found tanyatko . I'm white and mexican, so my skin is very light. The stretch marks are pink & purply. I ordered african shea butter off amazon for like 10$ I then mixed it in a bottle w/ olive oil. (The bottle must have a spout) I also added joba joba oil, coconut oil, vitamen E capsules(I broke them open & put them in) and argan oil. I shook it and I had my lotion. But I've been using it for a week & iswear by it. My boobs the stretch marks have completly vanished and stopped growing. The ones on my belly are deep so it might take some time, but they have definantly gotten lighter! I wish icould post b4 and after pics. I'm having a c section so hopefully after I'm healed I can use this on my scar.


hi im only 14 and have had strech marks since i was abt 11 , i started rubbing age defing coverup on my strech marks hopeing that it would cover them up but a couple days later i started to notice my strech marks were disapearing ....
rub on cover up for abt 3 min 1-2 times a day it takes abt a mounth to a mounth and a half for them to disapear compleatly
(for darker marks use 3 times a day and rub for abt 5 min)


I use vitamin e softgels you buy in the vitamin isle. It works great!! U jus poke the pill, get the gel inside and rub it on ur stretchmarks and keep it on for a while. It stinks and starts to itch but itching means it works. Its very sticky so after half hour to an hour I shower it off. It definately is very sticky but after the first time, u see a big difference! Just use it once a day you will be happy


Hey everyone . i know stretch marks marks everyone just feel bad about yourself. if your curvy or not , all girls could get them , but i found a couple amazing remedies!! first of all , EMU OIL! i know it sounds weird but it works amazingly. its for scars and such , just rub it on twice daily and you see amazing results! also, caffeine and vitamins. these are goos for your skin , so look for vitamin creams or creams cxontaining caffeine , or mix coffee grounds with a little olive oil and water and massage it into skin twice a day and its truly amazing!


If you have dark (red or purple) stretch marks, sun-in for lightening your hair works like magic. Because of the lemon in it, it basically bleaches them away (: Works verry quickly!

mary francis

Hi my name is Mary Francis im 16 and have massive stretch marks. I was so embarrassed to wear a bikini and shorts. but than i descovered prepration h 2x a day everyday i know it sounds insane but it worked wonders =] i hope it works for you too.

Natasha Dyke

Hi I'm 23 years old and I have had stretch marks for like 15 years mabey a bit longer and there all over my arms, legs, waist, boobs and legs. I no how it can take ur confidence away and make u feel like th ugliest thing on earth. i have bought so many different creams and oils from all over the world and nothing works. A week ago i made up a little mixture of my own which i can honestly say is working very well from the first use. I can go swimming and feel more confident and it has even my skin tone. The good thing is i haven't used it everyday just 4 times and i am so happy. The ingrediants i used was lemon juice, hair gel, hair hold spray, TCP, codliver oil capsuals, boots scar serum, garnia facial toner, sodercrem, nivea sun screen (medium 30 )and vaseline cream (yellow vit E bottle. I mixed this all together and i have also been exfoliating my skin and changing my diet. Eating yogurt, milk, fish and drink loads of water to keep the skin hydrated.

I hope this helps anyone.



Shea Butter works wonders. I bought Dove Cream Butter, Shea Butter (for extra dry skin) at CVS yesterday and applied it to my stretch marks both last night, and this morning. When I woke up, I saw immediate changes in my silvery (old) stretch marks. They look so much less noticeable its amazing!! The purply stretch marks are a tiny bit less noticeable, but not as much as the older ones, which is weird because I thought that the older ones took longer to heal but thats not the case with me! I'm so happy to see improvements after just one day, it's incredible. I hope the purply ones will fade down to almost nothing too, but it will just take some time. I'll re-post again soon to tell you guys if my stretch marks are even more faded by then or not.
I saw other posts saying creams that contained shea butter as their main ingredient, so thats why i bought it at the store. i guess you don't even need to make some complicated cream with a million ingredients or spend a fortune on fancy brands. Shea butter will really do the trick! I never believed in miracle creams or fast acting anything but this is truly incredible!!! you can probably get any kind of shea butter brand but Dove works amazingly!!!


I'm now 18 and I just had a baby boy 8 months ago.a BIG baby and I have a thin figure.I got extrem strech marks! And had a veary nice body befor and now I won't even wear a bkiny.
So I tryed trilastin.expensive but it started to work but I ran out befor I could see a big difrence.I've tryed vitamin e oil and cocobutter.every day!I've tryed every thing and only few rezolts.
I was serchin the web and there's a new thing people are trying.

Take egg white smir on scares let dry.rinse of with cold water.

Tryed it and the veary next day I say a difrence.
Its all about the protien and stuff


I had issues with stretch marks all over my stomach and thighs, so I know how it feels to be extremely weary to expose your body. However, I once tried putting lemon juice onto the said marks and then wrapping at least 4 layers of saran wrap around the marks and letting it sit for about 5 hours (for me, overnight, you can try even longer). After just one night these stretch marks were dramatically reduced. Repeat this process overnight until you are happy with the results, I promise you it works(: And, it's great because you don't have to go to the store to get any products over $5, (and most people I've found have these at their homes). Enjoy, and tell me if it helped you.

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