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Ive always had stretch marks since I could remember and recently theyve turned darker then my skin soo I looked up natural remedies I could use but I didnt have all of the ingredients so I used what I had. I used coffee grounds, 1 egg and lemon juice. I kept it on for 20 mins and when I washed it off it much lighter, just imagine if I kept it on longer and I plan to next time


I have stretch marks on my boobs, sides, and all over my legs. Its summer now and I fell uncomfortable wearing shorts, but its so hot! I mixed together some aloe vera gel, extra virgin olive oil, lots of lotions with shea butter, body butter, anti-age cream and serum, KY gel, and vitamin E. I got the vitamin E from cutting up tablets. I mixed up all these things in a bowl. Not 30 minutes after applying to all the obvious areas, my stretch marks had faded and changed from a dark pinkish purple to a soft skin tone. You can still kind of see them, but not unless you are looking for them. I bet they will be completely gone pretty soon.


Im 17 and 110 lbs and have strech marks from my stomach to my legs. I had a baby and got so swollen so thats when I got all my strech marks. I tried cocoa butter but I got an allergic reaction to it. So i used dove body wash and my strech marks just started disappearing. I then bought mederma and I saw instant results! I would also rub pineapple onto the affected area and that plumped up the skin and made the marks less noticeable


Hey hey hey. I'm 13, and believe it or not i have about zillions of stretchmarks. Theyre thin and go down my legs. Anyway i got sick of them. I cryed. I kicked and punched things. I have felt every emotion. The dermatologist, but they refused cuz they say theres nuthing you can do about em.

So lets get to the good part. I decided to whip up a 'potion' of my own. It consisted of jojoba oil, vitamin e, olive oil, bio oil(i barley had any left. Unfortunetly it didnt work for me) cocoa butter palmers lotion for stretchmarkz ,palmers skin tone evener, lemon juice(a lil bit). Mixed it up used it twice daily for a week, and heres the moral:
If i were like, middle aged, and i got to choose to either do my potion or lazer surgery, Youd be dead ca ra ze if u thout id do lazer surgery.
Seriously try this.
If ur not satisfyed then....heck who am i kidding ur gonna b satisfyed!!!!!;D


hi! i am only 16 years old and weigh 110 pounds and i have stretch marks on my inner thighs and hips. i am using palmer's cocoa butter formula with vitamin e, lemon juice, olive oil, aloe vera gel, and vitamin e oil!! it really works for me!!

Kitty Cat

So i am 17 and have stretch marks and cellulite . I weight 110 pounds talk about unfair right? Anyways i came across using coffee grounds to get rid of cellulite because of the caffenine in them they tighten skin while expoliating .. (sorry for the terrible spelling) just mix some used coffee grounds with some olive oil or warm water amd rub on ur skin.. Put a towel down its messy .. Leave on for a few mins u can also wrap plastic wrap around it for like 10 mins and then shower off.. My marks and cellulite have really improved.. Repeat a couple times a week . Good luck ladiess

Jacqueline VanHorn

READ IF YOU WANT TO LOSE STRETCH MARKS!Well I'm 13 years old, and I've had stretch marks for 2-ish years. I HATED it! I mean, I couldn't wear any bikini's, or shorts, because they were mostly on my legs. Mine weren't deep, but there were ZILLIONS of thin stretchmarks on my legs.
I never really noticed them til I was in the summer I was about to enter fifth grade.
I tryed EVERYTHING! I haven't used lemon juice YET.
anyways my mom bought me bio oil, and I needed them to disappear in a MONTH and the package on the bio oil says to use for a minimum of 3 months. I didn't have that type of time! I was trying out for volleyball for middle school, and they dont let you in unless you have a white shirt and black booty shorts(really short shorts) and I'd be TO embarresed. So I went to my AWESOME cousin carly who knows EVERYTHING, and she said that I should use body washes, lotions, and shampoo's with aloe vergin, jojoba, and vitamins, so that gave me a crazy idea!
Carly's friends, who had stretch marks decided to go on a trial with me.
We used this body wash which we got at walmart w/ aloe vergin, shea butter, and jojoba, and we mixed bio oil, jojobs, olive oil, vit e capsouls, and uh...oh yeah, a BIT of lemon juice, and palmers cocoa butter lotion for stretch marks, and we applyed that EVERYDAY, for a month.

So heres how it worked, there was 10 of us including me, and after a month we got together. We had before and after pics, which our parents except 2 wont let us post on internet(sorry) and we talked about the progression!
and we all had all or almost all of our stretch marks gone!
I also wanted to say that we all had sensitive, hard, and medium sking(Im a medium) and I'm NOT trying to be racist, but people say it varies from diff. races so we had 2 whites, 2 african americans, 3 mexican, 1 italian, and 2 indian americans.....I think?
Anyways, we also had a healthy diet.


Hello everyone. I'm going to tell you my story. (I'll keep it short, I promise.) Well, my friend asked me to come to the beach, and without thinking I said yes. Now, I have stretch marks on my inner thighs and hips, so I usually wear those shorts/bikini bottoms. But this year I have a new set little set of marks. They're on my sides. There aren't that many but they were a very dark pink. So me in despration look online for some remedies all of which required me to leave my house and buy something. Being only 14 I couldn't just leave at 11:00 at night so I went looking around my kitchen. I ended up mixing Aloe Vera gel, Lotion w/ Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and lemon juice. After that I rubbed it on the most obvious places for about 3 minutes each. Now, here I am, 30 minutes later, happy as a clam, because my marks INSTANTLY lightened. No joke! So that's what I'd suggest. Hope it works for you too.


I was looking on this site and I have to say some of these remidies seem a little extreme. Putting some of these things onto your skin is toxic. Especially if you are like me and are still breastfeeding. Just be careful ladies. Anyway, I am 20 years old and have an eleven month old. I have tried just about a million things too. Vitamin E really helps!!! Changing your diet also helps. Egg whites are pretty much a natural perfect protein that's why they work so well. Eating foods high in Biotin, vitamin e and some c, along with protein is really benificial. I rub a product called Bio Oil on my skin and I recommend it to everyone!!! I have had stretch marks for years and it helps with the old and the new ones. I hope it helps you too.


Hi. Im 19 i have 2 boys i had horible strech marks. I used a bottle of cocoe butter with vitamine c and aloe oil in it, i dumped half the bottle out and added almost a whole thing of vasaline and a little bit of water and 2 large white eggs and mixed it all together and it took 3 weeks for mine to completly be GONEE....

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