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18 Home Remedies for Stress

Cathleen Warren

Daily meditation has helped me tremendously. I find that if I make it a regular part of my schedule I'm no longer grinding my teeth and I feel rested when I wake. If you are like me and don't know how to start there are some great apps for smartphones that guide beginners through meditation.


Do meditation for 20 minutes daily.Take deep breath when you feel stressed.It will help you to get good sleep and feel better.

brittnay peyton

a little stress relieveing trick is,the new energy efficient light bulbsn have been proven to relieve a little tention.partly because its natural light.


I know this is wierd but I seriously (sorry if its spelled wrong) but i use a stress toy. It works. And you can make one yourself.

A balloon, one thats never been blown up. Usw your favorite color



Yarn. Again favorite color just a different shade, or a second favorite

Sharpie/permanent marker.

Fill balloon withs sand, enough so you can squish it, but not too much. Tie the balloon closed.

Take some of the yarn and glue itover the knot.

Draw a smiley face! =)

Bibhu Prasad Mohanty

Love your body, care for others and you will be loved by all. That is the magic bullet. Remaining grateful to parents, people, nature and feeling happy for others will keep you fit.

Dr. WizeR

Sorry to hear about your stress. Here are some natural ways to fight stresss

*KAVA KAVA: get the actual plant, dried and powder form. ad hot water and 1-2 table spoon of honey.

* Ginko

*DHEA (15 mg)

*Breathing excercise

* brain wave music ( look it up on youtube)

*Drink alot of water

Blend some celery carrots and water, make a juice every week and drink it.

take Omega-3 products.

stay away from coffe, sugae, salt, smoking.

Good luck

Dr. WizeR
Natural energy Dr.


I have a number of remedies for Anxiety and/or Stress, starting with my top recomendation and on.

1. Hypnosis/self hypnosis - this has been show to be the most benificial alternative remedy that doesn't involve medication, herbs, supplements ect. You can even hypnotize yourself and there are many programs out there on the internet for that.

2. Blue Vervain - a natural herb that is usually found as a tincture, has no adverse reactions known and promotes relaxation, due to the fact that it is a natural muscle relaxer. It only lasts a couple of hours and needs to be taken several times throughout the day, however. Some may not like the taste of it either, but is better when mixed with tea.

3. Kavaa - a natural muscle relaxer, the strongest I know out there and can be found in a variety of means (ie tea or pills, etc). However, it can cause insomnia and should only be taken in the morning. It can also cause memory lapses and decreased concentration or focus. It should not be taken every day, and only in intervals with at least a week off every month. The positive benifit is that it puts you in a very relaxed state, can take away muscle spasms, twitches, rashes and other stress related problems. I suggest Yogi Kavaa Stress Relief Tea with Kavaa.

Other Herbs for Anxiety/Stress:

Gotu kola
Passion flower

Mr Peanut

Eat some peanuts infront of the mirror and smile. It works almost 80% of the time. Peanut has anti-stress factors.


Chamomile is known as nature’s safest and most effective sedatives. Chamomile has been proven to show good results in the combating of various illnesses and diseases as well as effectively helping to combat stress and depression by relaxing the muscles in the brain, chamomile can be used to defeat insomnia by relaxing the muscles and acting as a mild sedative. The muscle relaxing attributes also help to combat many other problems, including menstrual cramps. The essential oils that chamomile contains also help to heal skin irritations such as bites, stings and even burns and can help in the fight against acne.


Great stressbusters for me are:

-bubble bath
-scented candles & my fave music (alone in the bedroom..some 'me' time)
-buying myself something pretty
-getting my hair or nails done
-deep breathing
-writing in a journal (yes..i'm 28 and i still keep one)

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