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144 Home Remedies for Stomach Ache


drink a glass of warm milk it starts soothing almost imedatly then went youre
done lay on your back and rub your stomach in a circal movement feel better!


Read some remedies with mint candy, tried mint tea, seems to work.


two very good remedies for stomch ache are a.) gatorade or b.)gingerale two very simple things at least a can of ginger ale or a bottle of gatorade thanks!

Jeff the Mexican

Large tablespoon of olive oil. 10 minutes and you will be good to go!


COCONUT WATER. Recently I had a severe stomach ache, and drinking coconut water really helped ease the pain. Mustard or lemon water helped temporarily - but I had a feeeling it made it worse later on. For treatment, I took oil of oregano and probiotics (but not at the same time since oregano kills the good bacteria in probiotics if take at the same time).


I have found that one of the very best remedies for a very upset stomach is simply drinking one ot two bottles of Guiness Stout beer. This very old Irish beer has been touted for it's medicinal properties for a very long time. I don't particularly enjoy the strong taste, but it seems to do the trick!


I know this is going to sounds gross, but it works!Put baking powder in a glass of water and drink it ALL! Even if it taste gross, you still have to drink it! After you drink it, if you feel your stomach rumbleing, that means that the baking powder is cleaning your stomach! You may even sometimes have to make gas, that's a good thing! Hope it works! :)


Activated Charcoal is a good way to relieve an upset stomach. If you don't have charcoal on hand it's easy enough to make, just burn some toast. It helps absorb harmful things in your stomach, and move them on to the colon.

(This is also a good remedy of having one-too-many alcoholic beverages. If you have the spins eat small bits of burnt toast, it will help your aching stomach and help absorb any extra alcohol in your stomach)


I've used numerous home remedies for tummy aches, but the best ones are

1. Drinking a 6oz glass of prune juice (its nasty, but helps)
2. Laying on my back with a heating pad on the spot that hurts
3. laying on my stomach with a pillow under the area that hurts.

all of these worked for me pretty well, but everyone is different.

phoebe plumlocks

Directions: Drop a mint into any type of hot tea (I used maple tea) and let it do it's work on the tea for at least 45 seconds and enjoy! If there's some mint left at the bottom once the tea is gone you may enjoy that too, the more mint the better. (Not recommended if you have nausea)

I had a really bad stomach ache and this worked instantly, I thought of this because I watch the discovery channel a lot and back in the day they used mint leaves for stomach aches and to help with digestion and the mints we have now are a lot stronger I'm sure, so I dropped one in my tea and vela. I personally thought it worked better than tums which I usually have on hand but didn't this time. Good luck, I hope it works as well for you and you feel better. ;) I do notice the more healthy I eat and the less fried foods and cheese the less stomach aches I have, just a tip.

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