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144 Home Remedies for Stomach Ache


I was watching the game with a few friends and out of nowhere my stomach started to hurt- I shouldn't say out of nowhere, it was probably from the food I ate. Nevertheless it was pretty awful, bad enough for me to have to go lay dowm for awhile. I found that sipping water with mint leaves in it made me feel better....I a lso put a heating pad on my stomach for awhile and that seemed to help a bit...My best advice is to stay away from the deep fried food! Also I learned a trick from one of my military buds...when you feel sick, tell a bunch of people and have them fuss over you:) it takes your mind off the stomach ache pretty fast:)


I had a really bad tummy ache this morning so I drank a cup of Tazo Passion tea and I felt much better!


So I woke up with a stomachache this morning:( One idea that DIDN'T work was lying just made my stomach feel worse! An idea that DID work was using a heating pad.....I put it on my stomach for awhile and I felt a bit better:) Also eating cracker calms the acids in your stomach.....try those things and hope you feel better:)


My mom taught me a remedy and it works! You just take a can of Cambels Chicken and Rice soup(heat it up on stove) and on the side have Saltine Crackers and a glass of orange juice. This actually works, my family uses this remedy alot! HOPE this remedy works for each of you.


1.Warm apple with sugar on top
2.Lukewarm water
4.Yogurt or warm milk
5.Water with baking soda
6.Cold ginger ale

Any one of these make an excellent stomach ache cure.


I remeber having a really bad stomach ahce a while ago and I found on the web that drinking tea helped! So I drank some green tea then wnet and lied down for a while. This seemed to help a lot. I also find that lying facedown with a heating pad on my stomache seems to settle the pain.


I have a lot of stomach aches, a couple of them is what is feels like I have a cramp or just nervous. A couple good ways to stop it is to lay down, on a couch or something and elevate your legs above your head. This works, nut mostly for cramps, if you have anything else it will still work, the other thing is to drink some water or soda, which will help. Hope you feel better :)


If you read these hilarious remedies t your girlfiend. Make her laugh her ass off...Her stomach ache will go away! Tested and proved! :D


I take deep breaths and do things like watch tv to take my mind off it.


Both my little sister and my children suffer from stomachaches brought on by nothing more then nerves. The biggest relief that they have found is not in pink syrups or drinking funny tasting concoctions- its love. They come up complaining about bellyaches, and snuggle up in my shoulder and I read to them and rub their backs, and after a while they feel ready to go again. This only works well if we know its nerves, though. Like, a school test, or leaving for camp or some other anxiety producing thing, though even ' I ate too much candy' bellyaches are soothed by gentle back rubs.

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