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I did a 3 step cure on myself about 20 minutes ago.

STEP 1. Grab yourself a cup of drinkable warm water (not so you burn your tongue and tonsils off) and sip it slowly and in small amounts.

STEP 2. IF YOU HAVE IT get some Gatorade/ Powerade powder pour some into a cup and mix with water- drink a cup of that slowly [Orange is extra good because of the 'Vitamin C'

STEP 3. Grab a teddy bear and put some warm clothes on, then sit in your bathroom on the floor in front of the toilet. Make yourself vomit OR just spit a lot into the bowl your body will feel like it NEEDS to get rid of what is in side you and it will start the digestion process quicker. (that is sooooo unhealthy, but it works).

if that doesn't work-

Go to your nearest Continental Convenience Store (or if you're cool and live in Indonesia, just go to a Circle K) and grab 2 small bottles of 'You C1000 Vitamin orange' [or lemon, if you'd prefer] and drink them, they are carbonated a tad so it will make you burp a bit but golly gosh that works.

I swear that's the only stuff I drink.

Get better soon my fellow friend xx


Lay down and relax while you let a hot face cloth rest on your stomache. Dont make it too wet just damp. It worked wonders for me!


eat a scoopful of honey. it's tasty and works really well! :)
feel better! :D


Sea salt and water did the magic for my 4yr old when she work up in the middle of the night saying her stomach hurts. She slept soundly after 15 minutes of taking the solution above.


the B.R.A.T. (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast) diet usually works.


I had a stomach ache and didn't know whhat to do. I found out that a warm bath with candles lit instead of the light (to help you relax), also chew pepermint gum while in the bathtub, or drink peppermint tea.


i got a really bad stomach ache/nausea a few minutes ago... anyway i chugged half a bottle of sparkling water and ate about half a bag of salted crackers
it really eased the pain i really hope this helps someone out there i know what its like to have stomach pain and i dont know about everyone else but it makes me a lot more miserable than when somewhere else in my body hurts:(
please leave a comment if it helps!!!
by the way if u don't have sparkling water available u could always water and baking soda... doesn't taste great but it works just the same:D


I had a stomach ache. I tried baking soda, but it didn't work. Then I mixed a teaspoon of sea salt with a glass of warm water. My stomach ache disappeared in ten seconds.


About a dime sized amount of baking soda, put in water, stir, and drink. That works for me. Also drinking peppermint tea helps too :)


Get a pillow from your bed and lay down on it with the pillow under your stomach. It will give you relief from any gas or pain you're feeling almost instantly. Make sure you don't get to big of a pillow. Lay there for 10 minutes and your stomach pain will be gone.

I used to get SEVERE stomach aches growing was horrible and very painful. This technique works great for my kids as well.

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