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144 Home Remedies for Stomach Ache


Put a cold rag on your forehead. Call the doctor if the pain is severe. Distract yourself. Lay on your left side. Drink some ginger ale.


I always start off with a heating pad, or a pillow to relieve the pressure, and mint gum has always helped me, not just with stomache pains but also headaches. Drink lots of water, and mualah(:

Terra De firma

Several solutions:

1)Lack of fiber: Have some granola bars or oatmeal
2)Tired: Go to bed.
3)Virus: Wait it out.
4)To much acid: take an antiacid, drink plenty of water
5)ibs: go to the doc
6) gall bladder surgery: wait, eat mcdonalds, it'll prob. last a year.
7)chew mint gum
8)drink a cup of water with a dash of baking soda
9)take a warm bath
10)depression: see a physician or homeopathist
11)disease: doctor
12)physical reaction: you may have heavy guilt or something, a feeling so strong there is a physical reaction. get over said feeling.


1. Take a spoonful of apple cider vinegar.
2. Drink a cup of hot tea or something carbonated.
3. Lay down with a heating pad for 15-20 minutes or until you feel better.
I know the apple cider vinegar doesn't taste very pleasant but it really works.


Fennel is a wonderful, healthy way to calm a sore stomach. Prepare it as a loose tea, and if you must sweeten it, use honey. You can buy it in the spices and herbs section of your grocery store.

Hospitals in Germany give this to children with stomach aches because it is so safe, effective and calming.


If I ever have a stomach ache it's because I probably ate to much ;)
I find the best thing that makes me feel better is having someone rub my belly!
Nothing cures an upset stomach like a good tummy rub ! Haha


I did both at the same time unsure which helped it go away in less than 3 minutes!!
1) 7 up!
2) Saltine crackers!
( i ate while laying down cus i was in so much pain i couldn't sit up)
( i had tried the warm pad and even pepto bismol, and didn't work)


1-warm gatorade with salt
2-chew any gum with mint
3-a good rub on the back and going to bed right away
It really helped me.


Try warm cup of water with a teaspoon of salt (2 is optional). Worked for my 22 year old sister, my 4 year old nephew, and my 44 year old parents. I gurentee it will work ;)


Try using this mix: sprite with a teaspoon of sugar. It works!

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