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I had a stomache ache after eating pizza - just took a big sip of coca cola and it helped!

Jerry from NM

I know this may sound even wierder than anything some of you have tried but my grandma taught me to put a tea spoon of baking soda in water and drink it it works wonders even works for headaches.... taste is definately aquired


I got a toe striped sock with rice inside & heated it up it Rilly worked Ps don't leve it on forever or it will come back


For me the best thing for tummy problems whether its gastric, bloatnes, ibs or just pain ginger works wonders. Ur stomache will thank you. I take a teaspoon of crushed ginger and honey and add boiling water and drink like tea. You can also eat some of the bits along with the juice it all helps cure the prob. If one cup doesnt work drink a second cup. It'll get rid of any gas, pain, bugs etc etc. Hope this works! It should work, this is the power of the Creator who created ginger and honey all for us to benefit from.theres nothing like it. All thanks to the Lord of the worlds, the Most High, the Great. Don't forget to thank Him cos all Praise belongs to Him, our Creator who provides for us. One more thing a tablespoon of distilled malt vineger works too!


When my stomach hurts I like to press something cold again my stomach. It was the only thing that would help. A heating pad,strangely, would just make me feel worse.


The best remedy for a stomache ache is:
1.A warm bath,
3.A cold drink,
4.A cold flannel on your stomache.
Any of the above WILL help.


I had a stomachache that continued on for 2 weeks. And today, about 10 minutes ago, I finally got rid of it by just throwing up. Sometimes you have to wait it out. If it's cramps, a heating pad can help. If it's the feeling that 'you ate too much', that can be solved by just waiting awhile for everything to digest. Most of the times I realized when my stomach hurt, I ate something and felt a lot better. But if your mouth waters and you have a stomach ache, it's most likely that you have to throw up.
Also, these help for just upset tummies:
-Carbonated drinks (Preferably sprite or ginger ale, as the coloring in some soda or etc. may upset your stomach.)
-Sleep (Sometimes, you just need to sleep it out.)
-Water (It helps me a lot.)
-Medicine (It really just depends on what stomachache you have. If it's 'sour' or 'upset', then tums or pepto-bismol. If it's bloated, Gas-X.)


Try one of the following :
- cucumbers with the skin
- black licorice
- cinnamon tea


this remedy is 100% going to work!

1) drink a full glass of water

2) have a sip of something fizzy then go to the toilet

3) eat something hot, YOUR CURED!


Fill an old sock with rice. Put a knot at the end of the sock and put it in a microwave, 30secs-1min. Lay it across your tummy,where it hurts. I guess you can call it a homemade BooBoo Buddy(:
Also drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep!
Hope you feel better!

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