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ok , so this doesn't sound very helpful but this is what I did and I felt great !

~ put an ice pack into a pillow case with a pillow in it.
~ lay the side with the ice pack on your stomach where it hurts most.
~ sit like that for about 10 minutes.
~ ok , this is the sort of crazy part... after sitting continue to keep it on your stomach and put a couple of sips of PICKLE JUICE , yes PICKLE JUICE , I repeat PICKLE JUICE , lol , in a measuring cup or glass or whatever.
~ slowly drink that.
( if it is night time while you have the stomach ache , like time for you to hit the hay , after you are done with that process , continue it on your stomach when you go to sleep )
Feel better and hope this helped !


1) Aliment: Stomacheach,
cook rice and yogourt,
1) Cauntry: Somalia,
3) ingredients: yogourt&rice,
4) instructions: eat yoy wll get better,


I don't know why this works for me but it has ever since I started doing it two years ago when I was pregnant. All I do is take two tums grab some lose fitted clothes take a nice hot shower then while I am still wet so the air feels very cool I put the loose fitting clothes on and snuggle under a warm blanket, the stomach pain goes away.


hey i had this bad stomach ache i dont why it happened i tried pills didn't work but see this one....water with an amount of ground ginger will work perfect it just cured me out


Sounds crazy but one thing that worked great for me is just to have someone pat my back like you would do to burp a baby it worked almost instantly and i felt so much better

Shae Sunkins

Ginger Water

Mixed a few drops of Ground Ginger into warm water. Drink it and the stomach ache will go away.


This is what I always do...
1) Go to the toilet because it might just be that you need too get rid.
if that doesn't work...
2) Sit up and hug your knees, sometimes I do a little rocking back and forth if it is bad and/or I get a pillow of the bed and sit up and place it along my tummy and then hug my knees.
3) Once in this position I take a few big sips of coca cola! sprite or lemonade works as well!
a comfortable + tasty remedy!
hope this helps and have a speedy recovery!


couple cups of mint tea with honey and sugar does the trick for me! wait for a couple burps and you're set! ;)


Since childhood i used to do this, it really works...
1.take a glass full of warm water
2.take 10 grms of Raw ginger ( the outer layer should be peeled of )
3.crush it and mix both and stir for a while
and the drink is ready and you can also try baking the ginger while it is raw and have it. thank u for reading and have a speedy recovery bye.


Ginger and mint have been used for centuries as stomach ache remedies and do work. A word of caution on the BRAT diet mention by some, all of these items: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast all cause constipation, so avoid them if you think that may be part of your problem. That tidbit came straight from my doctor. My parents used the baking soda and water solution for indigestion. Mom is 88 and still uses it. Most of these are good ideas and worth trying.

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