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I have just taken 2 co-codamol 30/500 tablets and i have all of a sudden become dizzy, with abdominal pains and vomiting, i was reassured that this is a side effect but my dizzyness and abdominal pains are affecting my sleep, i have no other pain killers, does anyone know any home remedies or health advice e.g eat or drink something?thanks.


Fresh Lemon- Remove the lemon peel and as much of the white skin as possible, as you would a grapefruit. Chop it up, then with to spoons of sugar or honey. It taste good and helps me every time. Feel better

michelle c

Here is Tue remidies I use when I have a stomach ache, first get some honey brew up a nice pot of hot tea , it doesn't really matter what kind of tea but make sure when picking out honey that its real honey. Placing a heating pad on your lower stomach while laying down should help, if your still having trouble with your stomach drink alot of clear liquids and eat light , like soup and foods with not alot of starches. Take it easy , lay down, relax and try not to overwork yourself. Hope you feel better!!!


stomach ache drink chamomile tea


Very simple : Chew two lozenges of HAJMOLA ( easily available in asain markets )
Stomach ache will go away within 2 minutes :)


Stomach ache-If you have a stomach ache you can use ginger. Put 2 teaspoons of powdered ginger in one cup of boiling water .Drink every morning to prevent a stomach ache.


when i have a stomach ache i take 2 tums,lay down,relax,and drink lots of water. hope u feel better soon! ps. i am having terrible stomach pains right now.


Any of these will work, amazing.
-first go to the toilet, might be thatt you need to get rid.
-put a pillow on your tummy, sit up straight, hug your knees, and then take a few gulps of cola (sprite works too)
-any form of ginger, in water, sip slowly.
-take a warm bath.
-anything peppermint, like gum or tea.
-rice in a sock, put in microwave, put on your tummy.
-baking soda in water, sip slowly.
-glass of warm water.
I wish you a speedy recovery:)


Try one of dis:
I use to eat apple wth seeds
Drink coca cola a cup
Jst try 2 go to toilet or lay down on floor wth ur stomach face floor(until u feel better) not on de matt bt cement or tiles floor
U may drink a viniger

Rachel cross, st.pete, florida

The best things for a stomach ache are
Ginger in any form I prefer sliced ginger coated in sugar crystals. u can find it at any vitamin shop, saltine crackers, ginger ale, or a teaspoon of baking soda mixed in water, depending on y ur stomachs aching depends on what u want to take but if u have an actual stomach virus or Ur throwing up these work best just b sure to sip slowly n watch how much u take bc an upset stomach prefers to stay empty!!!! Get well soon! ;)

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