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Try drinking very very hot water (about as hot as you can stand it), my grandmother showed me this, and 15 years later it still works for the most part. Also, not to sound like a bulimic, however if nothing from above works (i tried everything to no avail only a couple times) Make yourself vomit. This is because you most likely was poisoned by something (undercooked meat, and bad milk, are only few of the most obvious) and the reason you get the stomach aches because the your body is trying to push the poison out, so you just assist it a little bit. Like I said, this should be used as an absolutely last resort because constant comiting can do serious damage to your trachia (I am horrible at spelling, my apologies), but after doing that, you honestly do feel fine. I have used this method about 2 times in my lifetime and it honestly does make the pain go away. So if you can 'stomach' making yourself vomit, try that. Also, please be aware, this is coming from a 20 year old who does not know all, and I am sure that most of you if not all are older. So please do no critize me and chew me apart. Thank you!




This cure is cheap,easy, & according to my 3 young girls, they are affective! They love these!You can call them booboo buddies,ache begone,tummy friend, or something else silly,(kids get a laugh out of a silly name) Find an old sock,make sure it doesn't have any holes in it.(My girls decorated theirs w/markers b4 putting in the rice) Fill it 3/4 full w/white rice. Tie the top in a knot. Place in the microwave till it becomes very warm to the touch.(We use 1 minute)Place it on the stomach. After about 10 mins the ache should have disappeared or at least made it feel much better. THIS IS ALSO GREAT FOR CRAMPS!!! You may even add a small amount of your fav potpouri, cinnamon,lavendar,etc to the sock,for a beautiful smell to help relax you! Some people put them in the freezer, & when they need a cold pack for a bruise or sprain, they use these.
Good Luck!


I'm online at 3am looking for a cure to my severe stomach ache, and just realized that I have one and should try it first. I eat a slice of bread with cinnamon sugar on it and drink ice cold water. If you can't eat, drink the ice cold water and lay down with an ice pack on the most painful area. My mom used to give me flat coke or coke syrup over crushed ice when I was little, and it worked too.


If you have stomach pain. Take a fresh mint boiled in the water 10 mints and put regular tea. Mix with sugar if you want and drink the water,pain will go away.


If you eat something that has an ingredant you can not pronounce, you shouldnt eat it, Also pork is very unhealthy to eat. It causes your liver to get cloged with toxins wich and mess up your whole system. The biggest thing to to try and eat all natural foods, or kosher foods, if you can. There is a reason kosher food is kosher, namly because of the way the animals and plants have been rased and farmed. Also, anything that you know has caused problems in the past, even if it doesnt bother you every time you eat it, you should avoid it like the plague. Like milk only sometimes makes me sick, but because i'm intolerent to it, whether i feel the pain or not, it always messes up my system.


Grate a piece of ginger and press out the juice. Massage the juice around your belly button. Relax, and feel the pain disappear!


Take a bottle of coke and make it flat then drink it. My high school nurse in school used to swear by it and i do too. It may not taste that great but it sure is worth it


This remedy, depending on your taste, can be nasty to some, Drink a teaspoon of vinegar. It will have a nasty tast but believe me, It really works. My mom found this out.


Drink lots of liquids to flush out your system. Water is best. To avoid stomach aches (which I used to get monthly):
1. avoid non-pasteurized drinks - especially 'fresh squeezed orange juice' off the supermarket shelf.
2. don't eat out so often or at places that are not so hygenic.
3. eat well cooked food.
My theory is that most stomach aches are caused by food with bugs (microorganisms) in them.
Also try yougurt which has live cultures that destroy the bad microorganisms.

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