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144 Home Remedies for Stomach Ache


eat or drink anything ginger basically! it works a treat!

Hear to help

If you do have a stomach ache then, all you have to do is suck something like a polo mint (if feeling neusea do not try this!) And also avoid drinking cold water although not many people no this is quite bad for you, so try drinking luke warm water which will decrease the effect of an even bigger stomach ache (this remedy also calms nerves) I hope my remedy helped you.


My grandmother did this for all six of her kids, my mom is the sixth and does this for my brother and me. You can either make it a sandwhich or an open-faced sandwhich, and can even toast the bread if you want to. Ok finally here's the cure, you put mustard on the bread and in a few minutes the tummy ache is gone. I have even just ate the mustard because it's the mustard's acidity that is what's making it go away, the bread just makes it easier/tastier. You probably shouldn't put anything else like meat or lettuce and the other foods that go in a sandwhich.

Hope you feel better soon! I know I do.


So many people get stomach aches and sometimes it is impossible to take the pain, make sure you always are doing the right thing by washing your hands before and after meals and make sure you eat food that is healthy, one cure that may work is to make yourself a glass of lemonade (home made; squeezed lemon, sugar,water) and drink it all up, make sure the ingredients are fresh, another way is to make a cup of tea with freshly squeezed lemon and/or with some honey, to my point of view their helpful and should work. If you cannon take the pain and are crying it would be right to consult a doctor, and they will advice you or give you medicine.


I had a terrible stomach ache and the pain was unbearable. The problem was I needed to flush my system. So if you are having these symptons chances are you need to use the bathroom, meaning 'cleansing the colon'. It worked for me


I've found that cola syrup over crushed ice [or whole ice cubes, if you can't have it crushed] works best for an upset stomach. You can buy it at Wal*Mart, but over the counter, and I'm sure many other places sell it too.


Drinking anything carbonated helps me a LOT! ginger ale works like magic. don't feel embarrased to burp as it will help push out the gas in you stomach.

also, if you aren't lactose intolerant, yogurt is a great remedy after a meal and can be a great laxative at times.


Get some Lime sherbert and Sprite. Put a couple of scoops in a glass and fill half way with sprite. My mom tought me this. Very good for the kids!


try this: use a paracetamol, it might be the simplist but it works really well if you have lots of water and yogurt with it! your pain goes away instantly , if you carnt get hold of paracetamol then find the home made recipe for it!


Eat yogurt. It contains bacteria your stomach is lacking during an upset stomach. My microbiology professor and others have said this and I personally tried it and it works

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