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144 Home Remedies for Stomach Ache


This has been in the family for generations. Rock candy stirred into hot water. Just enough to make the hot water sweet. It seems so simple but it has always worked. Do not substitute the rock candy for sugar! Use real rock candy.


B.R.A.T (diet)

A-applesause (NOt Apples! or apple juice!)

have all or only one. but my mom gave me this good advice.


I usually drink Stomach Ease Tea by Yogi. This helps to cure any of my stomach issues. I also chew doublemint gum and eat/drink ginger


Hey.(i have a stomach ache now... at 1.11 am!!!)
If you are having problems with stomach aches, here are a few remedies to try out.
1. a good way to cure or prevent stomach aches, is to pour a glass of coke and then simply add sugar. It works lushly.
2. ginger stuff is good.
3. tea with honey
4.drink constant sips of either luke warm water, or if you prefer freezing cold water(this may cause stomach aches in some cases.). Dont drink fast though.
5.i know it sounds stupid or silly but lets face it, farting helps.
6.something warm under ure belly works a treat.
7.ginger ale.
8. simply lie down on your stomach, relax(try to) and forget about it, in more acute casess this deosnt really apply. television(works sometimes) takes your mind off things.
10.Go and try to rid your stomach of ummm faeces.

If none of these work i would suggest consulting a doctor.
Hope u guys feel better.


drink lukewarm water with vanilla and a bit of nana taught me this =)


Here is my remedy to help you next time that you have one. First avoid acid, I think that this adds to the problem. Secondly, avoid certain foods or drinks at this time like processed food or cola drinks. My remedy is based on science that a acid and base will become neurtal when mixed together. Use milk any kind will do , yogurt plain is better and antacid pills . Spin and mix these together with ice. Put it in a bottle or cup.
The ice will numb the pain.
The milk and yogurt will give you
energy to keep going.
The pills will help in futhur neurtalizing the access acid. This method is cheap and subsitutions are available. cost less than 5 dollors

Irene Willett

Here I am again, 3 am and another stomach ache. I kept a log. Here is what works. Try an apple, cut up and remove core. Leave the skin on(this is really important), sprinkle with a little sugar and ginger. Heat in the microwave to about 45 sec. Eat when warm. The slight cooking releases the pectin. Also, try a warm heating pad, it helps relax the stomach muscles. If this is a constant daily problem, see your doctor.


Lemon and Baking powder

Okay this is a recipe that has been in my Family for years.
It works every time!
Okay squeeze some lemons (I'll say about 3-4) into half a glass of water
or so. Add about 2tsp of baking powder and a pinch of salt into the glass.
Mix and Drink!!
(drink right away when you put the baking powder and salt into it)
~(u may add little sugar for taste)~
HOpE You FeEL BetTer!!


This remedy sounds silly but it really works and it is simple. You should just take a hair dryer and warm your stomach for a few minutes. Warm air soothes your stomach while sound from the hair dryer calms you down. Try it, you won't regret it!


When i get a stomach ache, it usually doesnt go away for a few weeks. Tums works well when you just need relief for work or school. Usually when I get home, I lay on the couch and drink ginger ale or sprite. That helps too. Sometimes if I'm stressed out, I get a stomachache. Just relaxing and listening to a little classical music helps with that. You don't even have to like classical music to be relaxed by it. I usually listen to rock music, but that makes it worse. Mint helps too.

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