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144 Home Remedies for Stomach Ache


Two words: pepto-bismal. It works so well. I also drink either ginger ale or hot tea with lemon with 1 or 2 of the pills as a double effect. Clears up pretty fast.


this is the most natural remeddie i have found yet im a biologist and i will tell you what to do.
1.go find spruce tree needles make sure there solid green.
2.(pick if possible) fresh lemons(2) swedish moss (very small amount)
4.get cup add needles, moss and water then heat till warm not hot!
5.squeez lemon juice into concoction then immediattelly add ice and drink cold.
it may not be easy to find these things but its approved by biologist!


I have had thee worst stomache bug in the world for the past 2 days, but i found the simplest thing that is working for me is to eat a candy cane, the classic kind not the sour patch or strawberry flavored or n e thing else just a simple mint will help with your nasty feeling tummy..


Boil some water till it's steamy. Pour 2 tbls. of honey and the juice of 1 lemon wedge into a mug. Add the hot water and stir. Drink this to help with a stomach ache. It helps, I've tried it. You can also try this trick with mint tea if you'd like some more flavor to it.


Whenever I get a stomache ache I drink a mug of something hot (I use hot chocolate) and then take a hot shower. It works every time! Of course, this is only for minor stomach aches. If you are feeling severe or lasting pain you should definitely consult a doctor.


My sister just had a severe stomach ache, and I did the following things:

-Give her warm sliced apples with sugar
-Give her a 6oz. glass CT Lemonade

and it cleared up right away!

(CT means Country Time, store-bought)

Miley Cyrus

dont eat anything spicy or heavy. also dont eat any dairy products. if you get a stomach ache after eating to many dairy products see a doctor because you might be lactose intolerent like me

Feel better soon


The ketchup and mustard cocktail works wonders for even severe stomach ache and bloating. I've tried ketchup by itself and it works well; I've also tried mustard by itself and it doesn't work as well on your stomach as it does on your blood pressure. The combination together; however, is better than many medicines. Eat it by itself or on food. You won't believe how wonderful it works. Measuring it, I'd say that about 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons of ketchup and about 3/4 of a tablespoon of mustard mixture will do the trick.


If you have an upset stomach and cant keep anything down smoke marijuana, it will settle your tummy and increase your hunger. Also very good if you have a hangover


Lay in the fetal position and make sure your stomache is bear.
also rub your lower stomache, and itch it, it helps digestion.

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