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Alrighty, so after like six pages of these. I've tried:
pickle juice (which I like anyway) pickles (ditto)
Soda (Had Squirt on hand, it's grapefruit which I love)
Altoids Peppermint flavor
Spearmint gum ( Like it more, I actually jacked the mints from my sister)
LOTS of deep breaths (Kinda resulting from the burp. Grapefruit/pickle, case you wondered)
And they've all helped a little in their own way, I'm trying to get the guts (pun intended) to try the baking soda thing, my dad does it for heartburn a lot, but I dunno if I wanna try it. Just sounds so funky.. But, also wanna not feel like death, so think I'll suck it up, hold my breath and do it. Well my nose really, to not taste anything. :D


Try this
-Boil a couple of dried black limes in water and drink warm


My mom suffers from overrative acid reflux and she oftens has stomach aches. She's found that simply drinking a Perrier (or any other plain sparkling water) soothes it.


Take a tablet of dabur pudin hara with water. iT releifs in minutes. Or take some whole fenugreek and consume it with water . It will definately relief you . Take care . ;-)

Witch doctor

Here are a few remedies that have helped my stomach aches :

Ginger ale or sprite or 7 up
And salted saltine crackers
Take sips of the drink and small bites of the crackers
Get a cool rag and lay on stomach and head you can alternate between hot and cold
Prop up your pillows so you sit up right
And a pillow underneath your knees.
Wait an hour after your done drinking / eating to lay down.
If this doesn't help take a warm shower with soothing bath smells, listen to soothing music
Try to keep your mind occupied and off of the pain
Have someone massage you
If you smoke marajuana smoke a bowl
Chew on ginger
Or make ginger water / tea
Add honey or lemon or both
Or just make lemon water
Try to use the Toliet
If all else fails maybe take some sleeping medication and sleep it off , and if it persists do not wait to see a professional


Kanwa Minerals gets rid of a stomach ache fast! It is a natural home remedy for a stomach ache. and no side effects.

I had a horrible stomach ache from food poisoning- I took five of these tablets with a large glass of water- and my stomach ache was GONE- in less than one hour! This is a miracle cure/

Kanwa contains a special type of montmorillonite clay that absorbs toxins and is healthy to eat.

Tamara Willis

When i have a stomach ache, i eat homemade ginger bread men and i drink sprite all day. Works wonders !


to get rid of stomach aches get warm limon juice a cup and some honey pour the limon juice and honey in a cup mix it good until honey dissapears into the liquid then drink it then in 10 minutes you should have no stomach ache and thats it thank you. :)


The best way to instantly relive a stomach ache is to hit a bowl of marijuana 2 or 3 times. It works every time but not because it fixing the problem thats causing the stomach pain. It takes your mind off of the pain allowing you to relax and think of other things which in turn relaxes your stomach. It's a form of meditation, your putting yourself in a happy, soothing place in your mind to overcome the pain signals your stomach is sending to your brain because of a health problem you may have or maybe you just ate to much. No matter what the cause this never fails with killing the pain. I pray for you.


1) Get some coke and lemon juice(separate)
2) Pour a glass of coke
3) squeeze some lemon juice into the glass of coke (preferably a quarter of it)
4) Drink the solution, it should go away quickly. :)

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