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Wash eyes with baby shampoo. Let the soap get into your eyes, it will not burn b/c it is baby shampoo. This will kill the germs causing the stye!



Heres what I have done, and seen results. I used Renu multi Purpose contact lens cleaning solution (totally safe to squirt into your eyes, obviously if you can put it on your lenses, you can put it in your eyes..but dont let the tip touch the lid, and hold the bottle at least far enough away that you dont contaminate it)and just bascally did eyewashes throughout the day. I also ate bread, 2 slices, with loads of honey on it (honey has antibiotic properties) I even tried to put a small amount of honey on the stye, but the stye is on the inside of the lid, so this burned too much for me, although its reasonably safe to do this, if youre sterile and cautious.
Also I used saltwater and hot compresses. I can say the hot compresses and the honey bread seems to be the best route of home treatment for a stye, just make sure to keep the water VERY HOT, but not hot enough to burn you. And dont rub the stye or pop it, cause this will cause infection. A stye is basically a pimple in the eye, so you dont want it to get worse by infecting it.


Gently place a hot washcloth over the itching, ugly inflammation. Believe me these itch like heck and are painful at the same time. It will continue that way for 10-14 days if you let it heal on its own (I couldn't stand it myself). Anyway, keep replacing the heated washcloth directly to the sty (which is only an infection of an eyelash follicle). If it comes to a 'head' on it's own, great! Just gently remove the yucky contents and place a bit of Neosporin ointment over the open wound. OR, after several hot compresses and it refuses to cooperate, GENTLY use a pair of fine pointed tweezers and look into a magnifying mirror and gently remove the offensive eyelash (it should not hurt, but otherwise, feel much better as it will rupture to allow you to gently remove the contents and follow with a dab of Neosporin ointment.


Keep warm/hot compresses for a day or so to decrease swelling. The itch is intense. Simply look into a high magification mirror with a pointed, fine tip set of tweezers following a compress for 5 minutes or so and gently remove the offending eyelash and be easy on removing the pus. The itch should subside immediately and just put a very small amount of antibiotic ointment directly over the site.


First, I know this will sound superstitious, foolish and or from the mouth of a gullable, naive, ignorant person but as I know it has worked for me and my brother several times and as this won't be any risk for you to try... I will venture to put it out there for you (knowing you don't know who I am) but hey...hopefully, when it works, you won't be laughing... Use a 10k or better gold ring and rub it on your sty, as much as possible. It will stop growing and start to heal. You can use a 'hot as possible' face cloth to place over the eye. If you can lift up your eye lid you will see a white lump that will offer the place where the sty will drain. Use the semi-hot cloth as often as possible. Use one technique or the other to find which one works for you. You'll probably try both in which case the gold ring technique cannot be proven but I didn't usually use the semi-hot cloth technique, the gold ring was the only one I new for most of my life and it does work. Your call....


Put one drop of castor oil on the lashes 3 times a day it will be gone in a day and a half. Note: the castor oil doesnt burn when it gets in your eye.


This worked after two applications. I was amazed, because I know it sounds nuts, but I can't argue with the results. Two steps, after preparation: wash in warm water and soap, (preferably antibiotic soap, of course) and use a 'hot as you can stand it' compress to open the pores first, then (step one) CAREFULLY apply salt (I used Kosher salt, but I suspect any pure salt will do, although rock salt or sea salt would probably be preferred, similar to Kosher) DIRECTLY to the sty (don't get it in your eye, it will sting some until the tears wash it out). However, oddly, when it's on the sty, it just causes some tingling, no real pain. Leave it on for awhile, it will dry out and flake off. Seems to dry it up. Then (step two) put on a slice or a poultice of Idaho potato (no skin, of course, just the meat). One day, two applications, it was gone the next morning.


Wet a tea bag. Place over your eye for 10 to 15 min. The tea will draw the sty. You can use any type of tea bag.


Take cayenne, lecithin, yellow dock, and zinc as a preventative measure.


Drink dandelion tea to rid the body of bacteria that can lead to sties.

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