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I have heard of using mustard to put on a sty. Just put it right out of the fridge onto the sty for several hours and it should draw the pus out. The best time to do it would be before bed. Another remedy is using an egg polise. Just get the yellow out of an egg and stir up some salt w/ it until the mixture isn't runny and will stay on the sty.


I get sties ALL the time but i've learned NEVER to pop them it just leads to more sties. Instead just put a hot wash rag on it in the morning, afternoon, and night. It works so well for me!!!


Hold a gold ring on the stye for abot five minutes. Repeat the next day if necessary. Amazing!


Whoever said not to use boric acid for eye conditions is a moron. It makes a great eyewash. Ask your pharma. How to mix.


At any health-food store get 'colloidal silver' or 'sovereign silver' and drop a drop in your eye as often as you think of it throughout the day. It should only take a day or 2 to heal. The last few times I have had a stye, I put the silver in my eye at bedtime and I woke up the next morning and it was gone, viola! It was like magic!


I always got sties as a child. A teacher I had said she new of an old indian remedy that helped alleviate them. Put a hot compress on the stie before bed. Then take a cabbage leaf, put over eye, place a piece of cotten over the cabbage leaf and tape so the leaf stays over stie. The cabbage leaf draws the pus out by morning and the stie shrinks. I tried this twice and I never, ever got another stie again.


pluck the eyelashes around the area then put a warm tea bag... A stye happens because of hair follicle blockage so if you can pluck the infected eyelash it will go away


Take a piece of bread & soak it in milk. Place it on your eye over night & in the morning the bread will be dry & crusty, your eye will need to be washed...but the sty will be lessened. You may have to try it twice, but it usually works overnight. any kind of bread will do but the milk should have some 'fat' in it. If you have animals...they may try to eat the bread overnight. :)


greatgrand mother cure it works take a butter knife make a cross on the sties next day it will be gone


Well it may seem supersiticious, but it did work for me in my entire life.For a sty in left eye, tie a black thread around your right toe.and viceversa.How it works I can not explain.May be some chinese aquapuncyure doctor know it.

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