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I used to get styes regularly. I got one and the girl I was dating (pHD chemist) told me to put EAR WAX on it. It went away within a couple of hours. I started using this remedy whenever I'd feel one forming and it has always worked, always. I initially thought it was pretty gross but I no longer get styes. Don't ask me how it works but it sure did for me.


For a stie, a hot tea bag, (as hot as you can stand it), works well because the heat draws the puss to the surface and the tannic acid does something, (not sure what,) but when I could see the white head on the surface on the inside of the eyelid I just gently squeezed it and puss drained out. Then, I rinsed with saline....all better now. Be sure to keep rinsing with saline or else infection will happen. (Sties are contagious!)


Home remedy for sty!

My best remedy for sty.I have sty for 6 months and have try many remedies described in this forum before I discovered little bitter gourd tea for my stubborn sty.

Five packets of little bitter gourd tea bag each morning on empty stomach.Soak the little bitter gourd tea bag in hot water,add a little sea salt and cover for 15 minutes before drinking.

The above tea bag can be reused many times.Do not throw it away after your first drink.Drink this tea often throughout the day.This tea can detox your body effectively and your sty will be cured soon.


I made camomile tea and dipped cotton ball into it--has to be warm-hot and applied compress to a sty SEVERAL times during the day .Sty cleared up - by the end of the day! I have done this before,it works!


hey wassup ppl..i know that all ur docs tell u to use a warm water compress on your stye..but if u rap a hand warmer package wrapped in tissue paper and place it on your stye, you will save your self a gang of time and u wont have to carry that stupid coffee cup full of warm water around. this works for me..


i was told recently by an eye specialist who was advising me how to care for my three year olds sty problem she gets about three every two months and only on the left eye its because her natural oils are not able to release properly the drainage gland is clogged witch in turn creates a huge sty vary painful he said to cleanse the infected area with a Q-tip using only warm water and baby shampoo. after words put hot compresses on the eye to melt the once soft but now hard oils trapped inside that huge ugly sty hot enough to melt but not enough to burn so test the water before applying it to eye it worked wonders hope it works for you as well.

I saw that someone mentioned the TEA BAG method previously, I just wanted to AMEN that. I learned about it online a few years ago, it really works.

I used to be plagued with sties and In fact I have a slight disfiguration on one of my eyelids because of one that lasted so long It got rock hard. Eventually I had to have it surgically removed; but that was before the internet.

A TEA BAG truly works for killing a sty. as soon as I see one rearing it's ugly head I get out the tea pot and boil several bags in just a little water. I use one until it cools then use another rather that risk re-infection by 'double dipping' in the hot water.

CAUTION: All sties are not ingrown eyelashes, many are mild staph infections.

I place the warm TEA BAG on the outside then I lift the inside of my eyelid and hold the bag there too. No plucking, or antibiotics needed at all. Catch it early. Usually within an hour the bump and the pain is gone. If not just repeat.

Use Plain ol'tea nothing herbal or fancy. It's the Tannin or Tannic acid in tea that does the trick.

Please, lets Keep It Safe and Simple. Thats the beauty and purpose of home remedies.


I get them every once in a while what works for me is putting a cucumber slice on your eye That should help the pain.

Josh Starnes

I know people have heared from our grandparents that putting a few drops of your urine in your ear to get rid of an ear ache. Well the same applies for a stye on the eye. Rather you belive me or not it works. I have had styes as long as I can remember. I guess its hareditary cuz my dad gets them all the time also. Anyway when you go to use the bathroom wash your hands before you pee (thats basakwards huh, lol) and just get a few drops on ur finger and rub it over the stye. Repeat every time you go to the bathroom, (your pee in the moring is the best to use). Then that night put a warm washcloth over the eye. Repeat untill gone. It shouldn't take more than a couple days. According how good your urine is. lol It realy works though.


I always get styes for some reason. I guess because i rube my eyes alot (bad habit). First, i usually pluck the eyelashes around the area of the stye. The hair follicle can block the stye from draining the puss. Next, i boil water and and parshly and epson salt. one or the other will work but both are better. Let the mixure cool and dip a rag in it. Use this as a hot compress. Heat and reapply throughout the day. The area will become very sensitive, this is normal. That night wet a chamomile tea bag and apply it to the stye. Sleep with it on your eye. By morning the stye should be sufficiantly smaller if not gone.

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