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Tell a lie get a sty, rub a penny on your eye. Its Copper


Tried Neem Oil on a tiny stye - put a drop on finger tip - gently rubbed on eyelid (with eye closed): before going to bed - appeared to bring relief overnight.


Ok so one day I woke up and my eyelide was all red and swollen and my friend suggested it was a stye and so I looked it up and it was. Later on that evening it was really sore so I was looking in my bathroom and all I could find was some old moisturizer and toothpaste so, this might sound odd, but I put toothpaste on my eyelid and left it on overnight and the next day it felt much better the swelling went down a lot. I hope this helps :).


Coconut oil! My eye started to bother me yesterday and that night I realized it was a sty.
So I thought to try coconut oil, I used melted extra virgin coconut oil and dipped a qtip in it. I dabbed it on the sty and around the rest of my eyelid. The sty immediately felt better and by morning it had shrunk significantly.

Nick T.

Okay, as ridiculous as this sounds - and still sounds to me - I had a stye that had turned into a significantly large ball on my eyelid. I've had it about 2 weeks, and it's been getting bigger (it seems) each day. Warm/hot compress seemed to do absolutely nothing. So, I read about the earwax remedy. It sounded disgusting, but better than using urine. So, last night, I got a cuetip, swabbed my ear, and rubbed the earwax onto the stye/chalazion; all over it - not in just one spot.

After two weeks, I wake up today and it is gone. Eyelid is still a bit red, but the entire ball is gone. Not guaranteeing this for everyone - but CLEARLY, this isn't just an old wives tale. 2 weeks of warm compress - nothing ; 1 night of earwax - Gone. Don't care if you believe me or not; but it's much less gross than urine, so you really have nothing to lose.


A few months ago I had a sty in my eye and I refused to have it surgically removed. I began researching online for natural home remedies. I tried the warm compress and the bag method and no luck. I came across Johnsons baby shampoo method and it sounded crazy but figured id give it a try. The first time I started rubbing the eye lids with baby shampoo and warm water I saw a great difference. I did this morning and afternoon almost everyday for about 2 weeks but you instantly start noticing it working and the sty become less and less noticeable. If you have a sty try this dont go through the painful surgical procedure its not worth it when there is an easier way.


Make hot water as for tea, add a few shakes of cayenne pepper powder,(or as much as you can stand, also preferably organic when available), use a sterile cloth to soak up some once temperature has become comfortable(I use a sock, baby socks are perfect. You may sterilize the cloth with rubbing alcohol, and let dry first. I don't) and apply to infected eye. You may use this same method with epsom salt, except you may put the epsom salt directly inside the sterile cloth (also epsom salt relieves swelling). You may also use these methods in conjunction. Repeat each night until infection is gone , may take few days to a week to heal completely. If it comes back, repeat the process as needed.


Rub your right index finger on left palm to make finger hot and then keep your hot finger on styes for few if frequently.the sty will go in few days.
In addition apply urine3-4 times daily with your finger tip on eye lids like collyrium.
It is good if you take homeopathic medicine pulstilla30 or staphysagria30 three times a day.

Swigi Agrawal

For Stye -Soak 2-3 Tamarind Seeds for 12 hours & after that rub it on a stone then apply on affected area..Apply this 3 times in a day..!!


Rub a penny on your jeans to make friction. It will be a bit hot, so do it quick. Apply the tip of the penny (that you rubbed it on the jeans) to the head of the stye. It will burn a tiny bit, and be careful NOT to touch your eye. It will be gone by the next time you wake up :)

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