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8 Home Remedies for Sprains


In my line of work I tend to sprain my ankles a lot. When I do, I take Cayenne Pepper, the Spice, out of the kitchen cabinet. I mix it in a bowl with water, just enough to make a paste. I then apply it to the sprain and within an hour, the swelling and pain are gone. Sometimes I just mix it in water, thin enough to pour, and pour it over my ankle, soaking my cotton sock. Guaranteed to work!!!


The dried flower heads of the Arnica plant contain chemical compounds that help heal sprains and relieve muscle pain. You could look for Arnica tincture, cream or ointment in health food stores. Apply directly to the injured area. (Source:


Massage almond oil and garlic oil into the affected area.


Soak the affected area in warm water with some lavendar oil.


Put a chopped onion in a towel and place on the affected area.


Alternate application of heat and cold to reduce pain and swelling.


Take cayenne with lobelia or valerian root to promote relaxation and aid the healing process.


Massage cayenne extract, lobelia, or comfrey or marshmallow tea into the affected area.

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