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I had a sore throat for the past couple days. It was really hard for me to swallow without pain.. So I used pretty much 4 different remedies. First I gargled with HOT salt water for like 10 minutes. I gargled with Listerine.. THEN I gargled with Peroxide (gross) ..Then after that I sipped on some hot green tea with lemon juice & honey.. I ended up making 2 cups of tea.. I even went as far as drinking & gargling lemon juice. My Sore throat is GONE.. I hope this helps someone..


I use About a cup of water, teaspoon and a half of honey, and a teaspoon of sugar. Heat up the water so it's steamy, and then add your ingredients, mix together and drink. This works wonders for your throat ache.

Sir cough a lot

Try REAL butter and sugar. It is really unhealthy I know but just don't take much. Mash it all together and break it into little chunks then just let it melt in your mouth. Lol works really well 4 me


Regular potato chips! It seems like it would hurt but the salt really helps. And of coarse gargling with salt water. Salty soup broth soothes mine was well.


Listerine Antiseptic works well! i just used it now and i am feeling better! :) try this and i am sure you will feel better (Y) thumbs up to listerine mouthwash! :)


1. Boiling hot water OR ice cold water and slices of fresh lemon in the water
2. Two-three teaspoons of honey or syrup
3. Pineapple
4. Boiling hot water bowl with lemon juice in, put your face over it and breathe in through your mouth! (it helps with colds and runny noses too)
5. Mints, mint gum, mint mouthwash etc.

Hope these help! I would strongly recommend the boiling water one (no.4), and no.2 :) but all of them are great and cure a bad throat!


You know how Mary Poppins said 'A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down' but in this case sugar is sort of the medicine but in this case 'sugar' is honey, MANUKA honey infact! Take a spoon of it and let dissolve or just let it go right down the hatch. Usually for mild discomfort.


im at the point where it hurts to swallow, eat, drink. its so painful i havent had food for awhile. my throat is full of pus and is extremely inflamed.I was completely desperate so i did a 4 step remedy that really helped im not gonna lie and say its completely gone, but it definitely helped where i can swallow and not nearly have it hurt like it did. so I say its a success and im going to be repeating every couple hours. anyways this is how i treated it in order..
1. gargle listorine or any mouth wash 2 - 3 gargle as long as possible.
2. i took a very warm glass of salt and baking soda water and gargled till it was all gone.
3. after the not so pleasant taste of salt i swallowed 1 tps of pure honey
4. then just casually drank green tea and honey. it can be hot or cold. doesnt matter but i perfer cold and still worked..

hope it helps


first thing!

1.suck on a lemon and eat it
after drink ice cold water if it burns its a sign its working
you get hiccups after
second thing
2. gargle salt water warm water


Drink pineapple juice or eat a fresh cut pineapple. My great-grandmother (born in 1896) swore by this remedy for sore throats. My grandfather contracted diphtheria during an outbreak and she SWORE that pineapple juice saved his life, b/c it brought down the swelling and pain in his throat. Ever since my mom told me about this cure, whenever I or my kids get a sore throat, I juice up a few big pieces of pineapple and make them drink it. Their throats are usually better by the next day.

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