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I had sore throats throughout life, and here recently, after my first pregnancy, i have been getting them pretty bad. Im in my second pregnancy now, and a lot of remedies on here i cant try. They made me sick to my stomache. So i tried my grandmothers remedy of OJ! Orange Juice, yep. thats it. just sip on it or gargle a little a couple times and presto! no more sore throat!!!


I like to try atleast a tablespoonof honey and lemon juice mixed together,it works and if you want you can heat up some water and put 2 tablespoons in and it makes a pretty good little 'tea' Sometimes adding a little bit of sugar helps also.


1.first get a tomato and cut it into slices
2.put them in a blender and blend them(or you can leave them as slices)
3.add salt to your tomato juice(or tomato slices)
4.finally put lemon or lime in your tomato juice or your tomato slice

These steps will help you swallow better within a small amount of time. Hope this works for you!


1. First cut tomato slices
2. Next put salt on the tomato slices(you can also put it in a blender and blend them)
3. Drink,or eat the tomato juice and the tomato slices w/ salt.


Try getting a glass if water and 3-5 Vicodin. You'll forget your throat hurts for about an hour.


Its simple. Just take a spoon of hot sauce and wait 5 mins then take a spoon of worcestershire sauce (you can get at publix) or white vinager

Hope this helps it worked for at least 4-5 hours


I just brushed my teeth with mint toothpaste, then gargled with Listerine and I can swallow again. I feel so free.

Mircea Silaghi

Mix egg yolk with sugar and than just eat it. You can have as dessert. I used to have a lot of problems with my thtoat when i was a little child and this method hepls me nowadays too.

rob barker

A spoonful of hot sauce works the best. I know it sounds strange, but my throat was burning like it was on fire and this relieves all the pain for around 3 hours.


Gargling vodka!!
two or three times!!!
My throat was 10x better, it doesn't hurt to sallow now.

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