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258 Home Remedies for Sore Throat


1)Gargle with salt water for 3 minutes
(kills the bacteria)
2)Take a few table spoons of lime juice with either honey(preferable) or sugar
(soothes the throat immediately)
*the lime juice in the plastic lime container


For a cold and sore throat take the juice of 1 lemon And 4 tablespoons of honey and put them in a coffee cup fill the rest of the cup with water then microwavee for. One or to minutes drink this as offten as needed also take cough drops with zinc in them I also take 800 milligrams of ibuprofen this is the maximum prescription dose you can take this amount for short periods of time you can take this dose every six hours also get plenty of rest and drink lots of orange juice and water


Ginger with salt helps to cure sore throat.


1. Boil some water up, Using a saucepan or a microwave -(2 minutes in a glass cup)
2. Make sure you have some honey and lemon around.
3.Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the glass of warm water
then put the desired amount of honey onto a table spoon 2 will do.
4. Stir up the warm water, and taste it. Make sure it isn't too sweet.
If it is to sweet add extra lemon
5. Sip it little by little make sure you make it last as much as you can.
6. Keep trying every 3 hours.
7. Hopefully this helps!


Put 1 tsp of salt in 8 oz of hot or warm water. Gargle for about 15 min. Sore throat will slowly fade over an hour. I also make a cup of tea with lemon and raw honey which soothes throat while salt water is working on it. I'll also usually make a cup of fresh green juice to give my body extra vitamins to make sure body can fight virus, if present. Small amount of fresh squeezed orange juice (4 oz) is also a great help is getting better quickly. If the air in your home seems dry, it will help to turn a humidifier or boil some water for a while. This works everytime. I always feel brand new within an hour to 1 day at the most. Hope this helps someone!


I'm a singer and whenever I get a soar throat I suck on lollipops or JOLLY RANCHERS a lot. Then I drink hot tea with a lot I honey and some lemon. I also take vitamin B and it helps fight any infections that might be causing the soar throat.


Try drinking Sunny D
Potato Chips,
Trust fall with someone or on the couch (this only works for 10 minutes)
Lemon Sucking (ugh)


This treatment is garenteed to work take a green tea package boil water then add 2 spoonfuls of honey add to tea and add half a spoonful of ginger and add it then enjoy this always works for me


Country: Somalia
instructions: In my culture, when we have a sorethroat we strangle it. How to cure it instead to go a doctor? We drink lot of water,soup,milk with ginger. If you do so three days you will get better soon and brush your mouth 5 times a day.


Take a peppermint or peppermint stick or even a candy cane. And lemon juice. Take the peppermint/candy cane/peppermint stick and stick it inside of the lemon juice. This takes away some of the sourness. From then On you can either drink the lemon juice or stick the peppermint (or whichever one you use) inside the lemon juice and suck the juice off. Hope this helps !(:

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