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Vinegar. Drink it.


Sore throats can be a pain. What I do is take 2 tablespoons of clover honey. Though the taste can get disgusting, it really helps. What also helps is cough drops.


Try a spout full of honey + cinnamon the cinnamon kills bacteria and honey sooths your throat it does work !!!!!


I had a sore throat and many of them before. Gargling salt, tea, honey and all that stuff never worked for me. IF YOU WANT LONG LASTING INSTANT RELEIF TRUST ME ON THIS!! HOT SAUCE!! any type of hot sauce thats made with vinegar, salt and cayenne pepper. Those three ingredients all work like magic together. Ive used frank's red hot sauce it also has garlic which is also good. Try it!! Just put a few drops in your mouth and mix it with your saliva and swallow it twice or three times

Sam Rappa

I have found that a glass of apple juice with an added 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar completely clears my throat . I take a small swallow, hold it in my mouth and swirl it around, even using my tongue to scrub the roof of my mouth and as far back into my throat as I can. This works better than anything else I have tried.


I had a very bad sore throat and I was in pain! So what I did was just gargle salt water (which is disgusting!!) drink tea with lots of honey and lemon and ate lots of cough drops. You can also gargle mouth wash, it kills the bad bacteria as well. Hope this helps!


The best way to get rid of a sore throat is to 1. Attempt to garggle salt water 2. Garggle listerine or minty mouthwash 3. Suck on mint candy 4. Eat warm cookies 5. Hot cocoa 6. Warm soup!
Hope this helps! Helps for me!


after reading all the remedies I felt better.


Eat a spoon full of cinnamon this has always worked for me.


I was at a point where it hurt to talk, it hurt to yawn, it hurt to swallow, and it hurt to drionk or eat anything, and i have tried EVERYTHING. but one thing i found that worked was mint gum, it soothes my throat for about an hour, so you would have to be constantly chewing gum, but like i said it helps!

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