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Swallowing Tabasco sauce is a temporary remedy for a sore throat and it burns until it heals.

Spend a bit of money, $2, it's worth it. Purchase what is called, 'Fisherman's Friend.' in the drug store.

Two tablets and your throat will feel a whole lot better without any burning. It's why pharmacies are in business.


Well, it is a weird one, but if it's a sore throat that you're trying to fight off, Tabasco Brand Habareno Sauce. Take two or three drops and let it sit in your mouth for a second or two, then repeat once or twice. Works like a charm.


Try drinking some ginger tea. Yes, one with plenty of ginger essence in it, and it has got to be hot. It sounds weird but it really works.


First rinse out your mouth with mouth wash to get the bacteria out. Then heat up or boil water, lemon juice, and honey together. (if not already done, put it in a cup) Let it cool down a little, enough to where you can drink it. Take small sips and allow it to sooth the throat.


My dad calls this brew, and it's yummy, soothing, and helps cure sore throat. It's also really good for singers with vocal fatigue.

1 cup hot water
1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar (Bragg's is best)
1 tsp lemon juice (strips the gunk)
1 heaping spoonful honey

- a couple other things I do: gargle salt water, and use essential oil of peppermint... I put it on my finger and rub it on the back of my throat. It kills for a couple of minutes, but takes the pain away when I can't sleep.


When I get a sore throat, I drink a teaspoon of hot sauce (crazy, I know) and drink a cup of green tea with lemon, honey, and cinnamon. After that, I boil water and inhale the steam. Make sure the hot sauce has vinegar and salt in it. Works every time for the past 2 years. Also, if it still doesn't help, gargle listerine and drink a teaspoon of vinegar. Hope this helps!


I was surprised to see no one put this one up here so I had to share. GARLIC! Its disgusting. But fresh garlic cloves mixed with green tea will cure any sore throat. Period. No one will want you to breathe on them after that, but hey at least YOU feel better. :) P.S. If you're really sick stay away from sugar. It instantly downs your immune system.

J Arnold

Drink green tea suck on cinnamon candy and drink Gatorade it worked really good for me and i had a very severe sore throat


I have the sorest throat ever, but after reading some of these I gave them a try and i found them really helpful but i think the best and nicest one is warm milk with honey and cinamon/lemon. hope it helps :)


Strong Savlia tea + Jäggermeister


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