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258 Home Remedies for Sore Throat


Three parts terpentine and one part olive oil. Mix well, apply to the OUTSIDE of the throat. Place a kleenex on top and go to bed. In the morning there will be a dramatic difference in your sore throat


for sore throat
get a small dixie cup
pour cultured buttermilk in the cup
slowly swish and gargle it in your mouth slowly drink a small cup of it every hour for 1 day and sore throat will be gone next day...its coats the throat... works great and i hate buttermilk


Drink aloe vera juice twice a day to aid the healing process.


Soak a handful of sage leaves in a few cups of hot malt vinegar for a few minutes. Remove the sage leaves and add the vinegar solution to an equal amount of water. Use as a gargle as needed.


Place a cloth on the throat that has been soaked in cayenne extract, garlic oil, lobelia extract, salt water, and comfrey or chickweed tea.


Take juniper berries in capsule form as a preventative measure.


Gargle with chlorophyll, salt water, or bayberry, bistort, cayenne, eucalyptus, fenugreek, horehound, liquorice, lobelia, myrrh, peppermint, red sage, spearmint, wintergreen, witch hazel, or yarrow tea.


Drink marjoram tea with a little lemon and honey to relieve throat pain and reduce coughing.

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