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One of the fastest working remedies is slippery elm bark. You can find it at your local 'natural' store or vitamin shop. It's not expensive, and you can keep it in the cabinet forever. You suck on one or two of the lozenges during an hour period and chase it with some pineapple juice, or another acidic type of drink. I suck on an ice cube to relieve swelling and it doesn't bother me anymore.


quick remedy: suck on an ice cube. it solves stomach aches temporarily and really helps being down swelling in sore throats.


A Cure for Burning Sore Throat

I had a very bad sore throat that felt like it was on fire. I mixed vinegar and warm water and gargled. I must say that within seconds to minutes my throat was healed.

Amy H

Eating a tablespoon of yellow mustard straight from the bottle will cure a sore throat do it every two hours as needed for the sore throat.


Recently I had a severe sore throat that came about over a two-day period; I prayed for succour and parsley tea came to mind. I put about a third of a bunch of parsley into a teacup and poured hot water over the parsley, let it stand for half and hour --until it was just warm-- and drank it slowly. I also chewed the softened parsley and swallowed all of it. The first eight hours or so my throat remained unbearably sore, to the point that I could not speak. I repeated the parlsey-tea cure about three times that day, using a generous amount of parsley--did not eat the parsley the second and third time. I managed to sleep quite comfortably that night. I repeated the parsley tea cure the next morning; my throat had improved significantly by the next day. It still felt very slightly sore upon swallowing but that was very bearable and not to be compared to the day before. Try for a few days in place of antibiotics (I'm not disputing that antibiotics work, but I cannot take them because of candidiasis (yeast infection, thrush).
I have absolutely nothing against modern medicine, but if it doesn't work for you, or if you prefer the natural route, by all means do give the parsley tea a try.


Mix 1 part Mylanta and 1 part Benadryl allergy liquid. Gargle for a little while. The Benadryl eases the pain and the Mylanta coats the sores/ulcers in yout throat.


Gargle with cayenne pepper and water mixture: 1/2 - 2 tsp. cayenne per glass of water, as strong as you can stand. Repeat as necessary, multiple times a day. Numbs and releives really bad sore throats.

Simon Harris

1) Try drinking cranberry juice as it can make your throat numb

Beki Pritchard

For a sore throat my nan always used to boil lemonade and then drink it it worked wonders when I was a kid and still does today! The sore throat should be done by following day!


Warm a cup of milk, add a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a teaspoon of sugar. Drink this 3 times a day.

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