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After being plagued with a rather severe sore throat for several days, I tried this and right now, it's so nice to be able to breath with only mild pain. (considering how bad it was before, this is a blessing.)

Go into the bathroom and shut the door. Start a shower with only hot water and sit by the tub with a towel over your head to trap in the steam rising up. If wanted, wet down a washcloth and put a little bit of shampoo with a heavy amount of peppermint oil in it (i used paul mitchell's tea tree shampoo) and place it over your nose and mouth and breath heavily. After a while, the humidity and heat from the shower will start making your throat feel so much more bearable.

This will probably also work if you want to take a shower or bath as warm as you can stand.


The last time I had an enflamed throat that felt raw and burned I tried every over the counter medication I could find and nothing soothed it or worked. Then I heard about a home remedy where you boil equal parts of some sage leaves and salt in water. Let it cool down until it is warm and then gargle several times with this. Do not swallow this. By the next morning my throat was no longer enflamed and I felt great.


Mix some honey with lemon juice then stir until its liquidy and drink it with spoon. taste good and helps troat.


My grandmother used to make this for us and when we'd get sick, we'd want to go to her house -- it might have made my mom sad, now that I am a mom I thought of that. Anyway, start with cold water and slice a lime (or lemon) in it and a cinnamon stick. Boil for about 5 minutes then let sit another 3-5 minutes or so. Pour into a cup. If you're OK to drink alcohol, at night you can pour a little rum in it which will make you sweat all night but you'll feel better in the morning. If not, drink as is, with honey if you like, and you should feel better. Repeat as necessary (alcohol only right before bed!)


For Sore Throat remedy.

Boil 1 cup water with half a teaspoon turmeric powder; 1/4th to 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper; some crushed black pepper; a teaspoon of grated ginger. Boil it throughly. Drink it while it's hot along with grated ginger (if you can handle it).

NOTE: if you are sensitive to spices, then you can tone down the quantity accordingly.


i put 1/8 tsp of cayenne pepper in about 4 oz of cold water (hot water always brings pain to the surface and the pepper will dissolve in the heat.. u dont want that to happen). u have to stir in between sips to make sure all the CP is in the water.

i slightly gargled it but for the most part i stood there wit my head tilted back letting the concotion coat my throat.. after doin this 3 times about 30-40 seconds each time, i felt relief and now i can sleep. since i only used 1/8 tsp of CP (recommended amount) my throat/tongue/mouth or lips didnt burn so dont worry about the spicy part! i jus did a test swallow with my saliva and theres no inflammation! i hope every1 finds somethin that works for them!


My mother would always boil a bit of sliced ginger and brown sugar together. it doesn't taste too bad and it helps too


Hello everyone.

How to get rid of sore throat forever.

I will tell you the story of my soon and my sisters daughter and of some other people that got read of sore throat for good. my sisters daughter is 4 years old and she has been for about 2years with sore throat most of the time. she has been most of the time with temperature and she was using at least once a month antibiotic. my soon as well had the same problem. and some people that are at age 30 to 50 have been having lots of problems with sore throat. every time when the weather was changing if it was cold weather most of these people had problem with the throat. One of my friend recommended me to go to one woman. She has a medicine that is done from 30 different flowers.they inherited the formula generation to generation, so the formula it stays in the family they dont say to anyone how is it done. so when i went with my son there she coated the throat of my son two times with this medicine, and after when she was done she said to me after 2hr your son is not going to have anymore sore throat in his life she said he can eat cold food, drink cold drinks and in the weather change whatsoever he is not going to have any problem in his life. and since i have done this my soon didnt have any more problem s. plus my sisters daughter that she was the warst since she had done this she didn have problems with the throat. and plus i meet one man that had cronical sore throat, he said that he has got 6 years that he has done this medicine and since then he didnt have any problem. so i think this is a very good medicine. Some people do operation they take them off because they have them so bad. but these medicine saves the people from operation and from problems all they lives. If you have any question you can write me email

Brian Pasch

I try to use only natural remedies and when my 11 year old son has a scratchy or dry thought, I give him a ThroatCooler. Its a vitamin C and honey ice pop that I bought at the grocery store. He thinks it’s just an ice pop but it soothes his throat and keeps him in a better state of mind.


I cup of hot water, 1 teaspoon of Cream de Menthe Syrup (or honey), 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, and 4 drops of lime juice. gargle for 10 seconds and then swallow, until gone.

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