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Put a kettle on, with half a thinly sliced lemon in with the water and a handful of fresh cloves. In your tea glass, mix 2 tbsp of honey and a crushed aspirin. Once the kettle whistles, pour the boiled mixture over the honey and aspirin and drink while it's still hot. If taken before bed, a shot of strong whiskey can be mixed in as well.

Way I was taught, if you have a sore throat with a cough, it's best to stay away from using sugar. Honey all the way.


I work with kids and when any of them come down with a cough/sore throat I boil water for tea (usually the regular lipton). Make the tea super hot and add 2 mentho-lyptus cough drops, the Halls Honey Lemon is usually best as far as flavor goes. Stir the tea occasionally until the cough drops melt. My kids don't like plain tea so I add milk and sugar for taste and I'll give them 3 or 4 cups in a day and have them gargle with salt water in between.

You can feel the soothing tea in your nose, throat and chest so this is also good for coughs and congestion.


If u Want remove temprory sore thorat just u get u thru nigh.
1. Cut A Lime not lemon
2.Apply half of tablespoon of salt
3.last put lime in ur mouth and suck the juice of the lemon it's to sour but trust me it help's


Chew a piece of anti sore throat pure propolis, and the sore throat is gone in a few hours.


A sore throat in the middle of the night woke me up. I went into the kitchen and poured a small glass of water and put about 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in (non pasturized) Instantly my throat felt better!


Make a sage tea! You can use the dried leaves in your spice drawer, or get some fresh leaves from your garden. You could also fill a teabag with sage powder. Boil a mug of water and drop it in. Don't use any milk. Add sugar to taste.


The fastest way to get rid of a sore throat in drink hot grpefruit juice with honey in it. It works right away.


Boil a glass of water (about 1.5 cups) or as hot as you can gargle with, and mix in 3 tsps of corn starch, and 7 drops of iodine. Gargle, but do not swallow. Iodine helps the throat heal and you can feel it after the first time. But sore throat may come back later, so if necessary, do it three times a day.

minx's remedy

in a cup put a couple drops of lemon juice a couple drops of honey and teaspoon of cyanne pepper table spoon of vinegar and fill rest of cup with water and then gargle and swallow


As soon as you feel a sore throat coming on, Gargle with warm water with salt and a aspirin in it disolved,a few times a day.Works great...

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