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Put 2 drops of thieves (essential oils) in 8 fl oz of warm water and drink. Tastes bad but really helps!


I had a severe soar throat for several days and tried many remedies on this site with no results. I found a bottle of Wild Turkey in my pantry and took a shot and went to bed.
When I awoke the next morning my soar throat was almost completely gone.

I think the soarness was down too far in my throat for gargling with anything to be effective. I needed something with anticeptic qualities that I could swallow to kill all the bacteria in my thorat, and the Wild Turkey did the trick wonderfully.


Since I was a very small child, my mother had us gargle hot salt water for sore throats. She mixed it so that it was almost like a brine, very very salty, and then we gargled it until we gagged. Once we gagged, we were finished, because that gagging allowed the brine to get to that portion of the throat that simple gargling didn't. If anyone has ever seen what salt will do to a slug, they will understand why the salty brine breaks that gunk off the back of your throat. Good luck to everyone out there.


I just brewed some hot tea put honey to taste in it with just a dash of cinnamon and just the smallest amount of cayenne pepper. So far my sore throat feels a lot better it just started this morning as kind of a dull ache to swallow and before I started drinking this it even hurt to talk. Its a very tasty way to a better throat!


The best way I've found to get rid of a sore throat is to sit in the bathroom with the shower on as hot as it'll go. The steam helps with post nasal drip/sinuses and croup too.


I have had an extremely severe sore throat for 5 days now, i usually get them like 30 times a year or more seriously, but this one has got to be the worst one i've had, normally by now i'm sitting in the ER but decided not to go this time unless I have to. I have tried just about everything i could get my hands on for remedies but for the past 2 days i have using some citrus flavored alka seltzer, it tastes really nasty to me and makes me want to gag and puke but i swallowed my pride so i could swallow that boyfriend gave me 4 in a big glass of water the first time, i also took some ibprofin and swallowed half a clove of garlic, that night i slept like a baby...the next day (yesterday) I took 2 alka seltzer in 4 oz of water like your supposed to and it did almost as good as the first does not take your pain away completely but it does make it really really is the only thing that has helped me...I also have been spraying my throat with sore throat spray like crazy and i even started gargling it which helped extremely well also before bedtime....and have been using cough drops today which seem to be helping, i also gargles salt water and i mean alot of salt water...also i have noticed that keeping my throat wet with liquids (soft liquids, no soda or anything like that) helps to...good luck to u guys...I know what your going through since i get them so much its horrible....


One trick I've used to get rid of sore thoat is drinking Sprite! I've done it twice an it works wonders, now it won't COMPLETELY get rid of it, but I drank a 20oz. bottle, an by the end of it, my throat was feelin a whole lot better!! Also, ginger ale works pretty good, too


When I was growing up Golden seal was the cure all remedy in our house first sign of a sore throat she would bring out the dreaded stuff, I cant describe what it taste's like it's that bad. just a 1/4 tsp in a glass of warm water, gargle,it really works.


mix apple juice and water(50/50) together and drink as often as needed. it doesn't sovle the problem but it sure does help


I had a sore throat for a couple of days. When I would first wake up it was pretty bad. Later that day I was better. I never felt ache like I normally do with a strep throat. I tried gargling warm salt water as this usually works but this time it didn't. I couldn't figure it out. Come to find out heartburn can cause acid to get in the back of your throat and irritate it regardless if you feel the pain from heartburn. I took some Pepto-Bismol after a meal and within hours I felt relief. By the end of the day my sore throat was gone. I did this for about 3 days and my sore throat never came back. Everyone is different and there are different reasons for heartburn but you should at least try some Pepto-Bismol.

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