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If you really want to get rid of ANY type of sore throat, even strep, slowly lick a spoon of MANUKA HONEY of at least 15+ but not higher thatn 18+ UMF, and it will be completely gone before the day is over. It is amazing even for the absolute worst and most painful sore throat. It never fails and is worth the price. Good luck.


I tried straight up already squeezed lemon juice. Just a couple drops and it worked like a charm. I also tried peanut butter right before you drink the lemon juice. Whenever it happens again just do the same!


The best thing I've found to relieve sore throat pain is Aspergum. The gum contains aspirin.


When i was little everytime i had a sore throat my grammpy would make me take a shot of whisky or takila with a little bit of honey to knock out the taste and shot it, let it sit in the back of your throat for 10 sec and then swallow! really works lol


this helps me alot u take a chamomile and lemon tea bag u can buy them at wall mart and make it then mix honey and lemon and make sure it is hot then pour in the lemon and honey it best if it is a freshly squeezed one and then let it slide down ur throat and also if u drop a lossenger in there it will help but the taste is bad and u also can gargle with salt and lemon juice and hot water :) well i hope this all helped o amd then suck on a pepermint hahah


i swear this works if your throat is sore a spoon full of peanut butter helps alot it knocks the pain right out the window this was passed down to me by many generations and it really works cause i use it for me and my daughter.


One of my home remedies for a sore throat is that I usually eat pickles becuase the juice is acidic.


Used for generations in my family..
*A cup of juice from a beet
*2 Tablespoons of honey
* Mix together and heat in the
microwave for about 1 min
*Drink up
It will be really sweet but it works.
Good luck


Well go in to the bathroom and close the door. Then turn on the tap as hot as it can get. Then just try to get close and inhale the steam being produce. My doctor told me to do this and it really helps.


One thing that always helps me is to suck on something. I usually use a Jolly Rancher. It usually helps a TON. If this doesn't work, try drinking a juice. I personally prefer grape juice. I hope this helps!

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