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258 Home Remedies for Sore Throat


right before you go to bed,get a medium sized glass and warm up water in it untill it is hot. put in some honey and lemon juice. mix it and drink it. When you wake up, you should feel much better.


Cranberry juice w/ or w/out lemonade mixed. if your not a fan of cranberry juice adding lemonade tastes way better. cured me as soon as i finished the glass.very easy. i promise it helps


I use a mixture of whiskey, honey, and a little hot water, enough to make about 2 ounces total. The honey soothes and the whiskey makes it bearable. repeat every few hours as needed.


If you go to starbucks and have a sore throat get a grande COLD passion mixed with black tea .It really works . you can even get refills.


i get a glass of salt water and add a little bit of honey and lemon then take a thirty miunute nap when you wake up you will feel better,trust me it works!!!!


My home remedy for a sore throat is going to work. Everyone is forgeting one thing that will help. It's sleep! After you rest, you should try to gargle hot salt water or some hot water with 2 table spoons of vinegar. This works for me.


Buy A Bag Of Li-Hing-Mui Seeds(popular Snack In Hawaii). Make Sue Its Red Li-hing-Mui. And Suck On The Seed. The Li-hing-mui Is Full Of Salt Which Helps Break Up Mucus. Once You Suck Enough Li-Hing-Mui From Each Seed, You Will Start To Feel The Mucus In The Back Of Your Throat Build Up. Spit The Mucus Out And Repeat As Often Till Your Throat Stats Feeling Better or Till Your Done Snacking. Hope This Helps. MAHALO


Make a cup of hot tea. add limon and 2 spoons of honny then take a nap, when you whake up you will feel good, no pain!


Gargle with warm water containing:

Cayenne Pepper (Powder)
Tobasco (a few drops)
Lemon juice (I use RealLemon, about 4 drops /1 squirt)

Mix well in coffee cup.

As you gargle say 'Ah, Oh' and 'Mi, Li' -- this strengthens the vocal cords, and opens them up.


Make a tea using Grated Ginger (About 1 cup) and 1 large pot (About 1 Gallon) of water and 1/2 teaspoon ceyenne pepper (ground) Cook this all up---It will be the base for your therapy (It can be refrigerated for later use, just stir it up because the pepper will settle)

Take 1 mug 3/4 full of the tea and microwave till its hot. Add juice of 1/2 lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Sip as hot as you can take it.

This is also very good for coughs and before bedtimes when you have a cold

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