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Yes, of course gargling with hot salt water helps, but for a sore throat, if you can stand it, eat flamin hot cheetos in spicy salsa along with two zesty dill pickle spears on the side. Definitely drains the nasal passages and soothes the soar throat, but you might need another remedy for heartburn lol.


This remedy will make your throat feel a lot better.

-Gargle warm water with salt.
-Drink a glass of Cranberry juice.
-Eat 2 spoons of Honey.

After about 10 mins. your throat will start feeling a lot better than it did, I hope it helps.


Pour hot water into a cup, add salt, gargle for about 2 mins. Repeat 3 times daily.


P.S: dont drink the salt water.


Go to any chinese restaurant, buy the large chicken rice soup, add the 2 chinese hot sause to the soup. make sure you eat while hot. the soup will heat up your body so you can sweat the bacteria/virus(fever), the hot sause will clear your sinuses and clear your throat from any mucus.

Stay in bed, wear sweats pants, long sleeve shirt, and wear socks...


Banana Peppers- put a few pepper rings in your mouth and suck on them. then chew and slowly slowly. Repeat as needed.


eat three dill pickles ( contain acid and salt )
then get a large cup of hot tap water, dump around a tablespoon and a half of salt in and mix really well. check temperature, then GARGLE, please DO NOT DRINK this or it will make you very sick ><
for small children you can heat up the water a bit in the microwave, then add in honey to sweeten the taste. but make sure they understand they CANNOT drink it, and check the temperature before giveing it to them. if they don't gargle regularly give them some plain water first and help them to make sure they know how to. swallowing the salt water would be very bad ><
if you want to drink water after but cold water feels like it's coating your throat and swelling it, get a mug, add in several spoon-fulls of honey, then fill the base up a nice way with lemon juice. stir it up some, then add in some ice, then pour in some water and stir some more. the lemon juice will help continue to clear out your throat, while the honey will soothe and give it a nice taste. ^-^ you can still taste some of the lemon but it's not too bad, and you can ajust ingredients as needed. it's not PURE cold water, but it's better than nothing and it helps further. ^-^


Hot cup of apple cider & a teaspoon of honey just before bed helps me. Then HOT coffee ASAP in the morning!!


If you are going to sleep with a sore throat and always wake up feeling worse try this: right before going to bed (making sure you won't be drinking anything else that night) swallow 2 tablespoons of honey. This will coat your troat so it won't dry out. Trust me, it works. It's a remedy that's been taught in my family for years.


Hot water (as hot as you can take) and then add 1 1/2 tsp of salt and gargle it for as long as you can then spit and do it again for 5 min don't worry if you spit out mucus that is one of the ways it becomes sore i did it with strep throat and i was really spitting out mucus this is good though but don't swallow or else you will basically fall on the floor spitting up mucus and coughing it is not plesant

sweet mari

When my throat starts to hurt the first and only thing that I do is, gargle with mouth wash for about 5 mins two hours. IT's can be any brand what these does is disinfect
whats is causeing the pain and I swear when you go to sleep and wake up again it well be gone. NO more Sore Throat
YA ho !

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