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This may seem a bit strange, but trust me, it helps.

Take nose drops (and yes I do mean the ones that you use when you have a cold), and spray them in your nose, just like you would when normally using them. Now your throat will be in pretty intense pain for about 20 minutes, so I suggest chewing some gum to ease the pain. Repeat every few hours and your sore throat will feel a lot better, trust me!


drinking some hot citric tea (mixed with honey)[Korean Citric Tea] can relieve the pain temporarily and feel better for the whole day.....but keep gargling salty water or Listerine whenever you can after keeps the mouth clean...


Slice up some cucumber, and DOUSE it with salt. Chew it till it's all mushy, and swallow it in a big gulp. I use this as a substitute for gargling salt water, and it seems to work the same. Tastes better too!! :)


just got shot of a very painful sore throat, i used a black coffee (works better than tea) and a large spponful of honey with a squirt of lemon, tasy and works a treat :D very good :)
good luck hope this helps


this is going to sound REALLY gross/weird but you gotta trust me.

okay, what you're going to need is some hot water, plain white vinegar, salt, and black pepper.

So first pour vinegar into a cup, less then half way. you just need enough for the bottom of your glass.

Next, take about a TBS of Salt and pepper and mix it in with the vinegar. the salt will help to dry up and loosen the phlegm, the pepper just clings to it and helps pull it loose, and the vinegar kills all the bacteria.

after you have your vinegar,pepper,salt mixture together. take some hot water from your sink and fill the rest of the glass. the whole point of the water is to just make it more bearable to gargle.
you dont want the water to be boiling, u just want it hot enough so that u can see some steam, so like tea drinking temperature.

now take the mixture and gargle, stick your tongue out a little so that the mixture actually reaches the back of your throat.

As for drinking the mixture.... personally i DONT drink it but if you do drink it nothing bad is going to happen.



As someone who has had a sore throat for 3 days now, I can tell you what I thought were some great remedies.

1. Make some ginger tea. Just boil some water in a pot, then add 1 cm thick slices of PEELED ginger as it boils. This will work better than any other tea.

2. Add 1-2tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a small cup of water. Make the mixture as strong as you can handle. This will disinfect your throat. You should gargle a mouthful for as long as you can, then swallow it, as it is also good for you to ingest. Repeat this process twice. Also, do not forget to rinse your mouth afterwards, as it is bad for your teeth.

3. Gargling a lukewarm water and salt solution will help you remove any mucus you may have, and ease your throat troubles.

4. Also, having either honey or peanut butter can help with your throat pains. Just take a tablespoon of honey or a teaspoon of peanut butter. I've found that honey works better since peanut butter often makes me thirsty and dissipates quicker in the mouth. You should definitely take some honey before you sleep.


I have strep throat and anyone who has ever had it will tell you it's absolutely horrible. I was on this site for about an hour trying to find something that works, but then I just combined everything in one. Take a little warm water and a teaspoon of listerine (or whatever mouthwash you want, really) a cap full of peroxide and salt. Mix together and gargle for as long as you can. While gargling stick your tongue out as far as you can, this helps get the liquid farther back. Hope this helps!

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put some vinager into a cup of warm water. gargle for about a minuite. it really helps!!!! =)

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Take a tbsp of honey and mix some crushed black pepper in it. Have before sleeping of when throat is feeling congested ... The same method can be used with hot water. Add the honey and pepper to hot water and drink slowly.

Gargling with hot water mixed with salt and an aspirin also helps for instant relief. Do not drink the water.


Gargle Listerine which is best or any mouthwash that disinfects. Get it as far back in the throat as you can without choking or swallowing and gargle then spit out. It will clear out the mucus that is causing the soreness. Did it this morning, it was nasty what came out but it helped.

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