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Trust me this works:

5tbs of creamy penutbutter
1 ice cube
A dash of salt
A drizzle od maple syrup
A can of soup (chicken noodle or tomato are best)
Some of your fav icecream

First: heat up the soup and eat it

Mix all other ingreadence besides ice cube and ice cream together in small cup or bowl.
Put in microwave for 1 min
Stir and add ice cube and ket it cool then drizzle over ice cream and enjoy!!!!
Stir and add ice cube


Eat a bowl of soup (chicken noodle or tomato work best) Then take


I know it sounds stupid but the little bottle of squeezable lemon juice that you can from the grocery store helps me the best. you have to let it just shoot back in your throat dont even swallow, i know its hard at first cause you really want to swallow it yourself but you cant. Do this like 3 times and your throat shouldnt hurt at all. It really helps


TCP Just do what it say,s on the bottle(dilute it) was advised by an elite athlete !
After using it twice my sore throat has gone,i,m still using it just to be on the safe side,might not taste nice but just hold your nose and gargle,Hope it works for you


simply gargle with warm salt water, it worked immediately for me. Its very inexpensive too (lol).


Using your back molars chew 2 asprin, one on either side of your mouth and let the asprin slowly dissolve in your throat. Helps receive pain associated with sore throats and swollen glands. Make sure its asprin...


I have found that salt and vinegar chips and hot milk with honey really help with sore throats :)


If you feel that you might have a sore throat and flu coming along; don't wait to the last minute and try this. Look for a herbal tea that has echinacea, lemon, peppermint in it. Now once you have soaked the water with the tea bag you want to add one to two teaspoons of honey, and mix till it dissolves. They next thing to add is some lemon into the tea(if you only have lemon juice that will work and only put two squirts in.) cut lemon and half and then the half into another half. squeeze the lemon juice into the tea and make sure to mix it in well. The tea won't be that pleasing with the lemon, but it helps(you don't have to put lemon, if you don't want to.) You can use through out the day, and at night have a tea of NeoCitran. You will be sure to get rid of what is coming, or get better faster.


Eat as much as you can of a raw onion; It sounds weird and deff does not taste good; but it works! I usually have about 4 penny sized amounts, it soothes my throat instantly!


Crush 2 aspirin and add them to warm salt water, and gargle.


Best quick cure is cold pinnapple juice. The lactin in the juice is what works. I have also found that with most sore throats, not all, that gargling with peroxide, just a small mouthfull helps. I gargle as loog as I can and then spit it all out, (DO NOT SWALLOW), and then keep spitting as long as you can stand it. Then rinse with plain warm water. I would rise a few times. If it still hurts, repete one more time. If it did not help at all you may have strep throat. If you have fever too, get to a doctor a.s.a.p. - Until you can try the cold pinnapple juice, it works!

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