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A home remedy that can solve a sore throat is honey! it is a natural remedy that is really good and really helps you with a sore throat :)

akita rabsatt

hi, im kita and I had sore throat since 11 yrs old and it was unbareable ive been hospitalized for it like 7 times still have the bills but thank god I digressed the situation of my throat. I self diagnosed myself with strep cause the pain was so unbareable. like a blazing 20 off the scales. also, now I use the tube of antibiotic in the dollar store and I swallow it. and my throat feels like its growing back now from being so small. thank you good bye. Keep your doctor informed on how your doing.


Warm water +cayenne pepper mixture: Cayenne pepper has many properties for healing human body.Take Warm water +cayenne pepper mixture then gargle in the area where you feeling the pain. Gargle as long as you can and take 5 minutes break and do it again. Do this for three time.

George Kefalos

I have had sore throats and generally when they occur in the evening I'm pretty sure I will wake up the next morning with a cold. A few months ago I had a one like I never had before, when I coughed I felt something like a little bubble come up in my throat, it scared me because I never had that feeling before, I gargled a few minutes with peroxide, but it didn't do any good , I imagined that it might be strep throat, and it was a Friday night and I wouldn't be able to see my doctor until Monday at the earliest.I knew turmeric was used as a antibiotic so I mixed a couple of table spoons of it with honey until it was a paste and slowly swallowed all it before I went to bed. I was expecting to wake up the next morning with the mother of all colds but I woke up with no cough, no sore throat and not a trace of a cold. to me it was like a miracle. I am 81 years old and have had my share of sore throats and never in all those years have I ever been able to rid my self of a sore throat that quick, and I have tried every remedy that I knew of. I told my children of what happened to me and a few weeks later my daughter called me that she had a sore throat and she tried what I told her and it worked for her. Could it be the cure for the common cold. I have another miracle fix for ruptured disk, that just happened to me so I will submit that also.


Ok for sore throat due to cold or any other reason here is one of the best home remedies....have some green tea or raw tea with tiny pieces of raw ginger added to it..or u can simply take tiny pices of ginger dip it into black salt or black pepper,keep it in your mouth and suck out the any of these remedies 2-3 times daily u will feel the difference from the first day and drink a lot of water..hope that helps


I find that eating certain candies also help sore throats. Try dubble bubble gum (it helps it soothes the throat) gummy worms or throat lozenges (cough drops, lollipops, etc) lollipops like dum dums are great for sore throats and blow pops are even better (it has gum in it also so it's perfect!) also do a salt gargle and drink teas, take necessary medications (such as prescribed or advils, Tylenol, etc) and also make sure that you don't eat a lot of creamy things. Rest frequently, try to stay home (stay home from work school etc) and make sure you rest your voice. Good luck to you!

Get rid of sore throat

Gargle Mouth with Wiskey, and if you want to feel no pain drink a 5th..


as a child i would get horrible sore throats use one tablespoon of lemon juice and one table spoon of honey and heat it it tastes amazing and your throat feels conesiderably better instantly.


I find that downing a spoonful of honey, does wonders.


for a sore throat gargle approx 2 small cans of tuna brine, clears it rite up!

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