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13 Home Remedies for Snoring


I cannot remember the last time I gad a full uninterrupted nights sleep because of my wife's snoring .......
3 weeks ago we changed our matress and the snoring has stopped ...... its a miracle :)


Snoring has been a problem for me since I met my girlfriend three years ago. During that time, I've tried Breathe Right

strips, mouthpieces, and anti-snoring spray. The Breathe Right strips seemed to help, but often fall off in the middle of

the night. The mouthpiece was pure murder. I couldn't fall asleep with that thing in my mouth and it caused the full

weight of my mandible to fall upon my lower teeth, which was quite uncomfortable and I actually think it would have pulled

my teeth out of alignment if I had worn it more. The spray was completely useless.

The best thing I've found is to sleep on my stomach or side using a tennis ball attached to my back. You can get a special

shirt with a pocket in the back (check out that holds a tennis ball. It's too uncomfortable to sleep on

your back with it, so eventually your body learns to stay off of it and I snore much less.

It also helps if your significant other improves the depth of their sleep too


Came back from the hospital after a heart attack, realized I had lost 6 pounds and my snoring gone. I am told I do snore occasionally but much softly, when I sleep on my back.


okay this might sound extreme..yet it roomtate snored so bad I thought it was driving me crazy...the noise was too I pushed on his chest then noticed he stopped snoring then I layed on his entire body he was alsleep khow he didnt feel it..until he woke up to find me laying on top of him..then I decided he needs somthing else ...for this one youll need a belt yes a belt..!! he sleeps I put the belt around his chest then buckled it. the belt should be placed on the uppeer rib cage area not too tight plus a nice smooth belt works better that way the buckles wont hurt them. Now I did this becasue I couldnt take the snoring it was just too much noise plus I couldnt get any sleep. I was up for days loosing my mind this is for those who just cant take the snoring anymore. the pressure from the belt seemed to stop his snoring..this is for extreme snoring...yet it worked you should be careful while trying this because If it's too tight it could restrict their breathing just a nice snug fit is fine..good luck and keep the ear plugs near by plus a spot of brandy by the


I find a good remedy for my hubby's snoring is to give him an elbow to the ribs. He automatically flips onto his side.
If that doesn't work, i try squeezing his nostrils shut. That usually wakes him up so i can tell him he needs to move to the couch. lol

Dr.Tabassum Patel

Prevention and cure for snoring:-
„X Sleep on your side rather than your back. Tilt the head of your bed upwards few inches may help in snoring.
„X Avoid alcohol for at least four hours and do not have heavy meals or snacks for three hours before going to bed.
„X Establish regular sleeping patterns.
„X Some people need to lose weight by making some changes in diets and exercise.
„X It may be helpful to remove allergy triggers (stuffed animals, pets, and feather/down pillows and comforters) from the person's bedroom.
„X Proper homoeopathic medicine selected according to totality of symptom and constitution of patient will give relief.
„X If snoring is vigorous and obstruction is there surgery may be solution.

Dr.Tabassum Patel

Mr Secret

Sing for 15 to 20 minutes a day! Works for everyone I have told. Saved my marriage!


Please go to your local area medical Sleep Disorders Center to determine whether or not you have the potentially fatal Sleep Apnea, which, if you do (and I do), he/she will more than likely prescribe a certain type of breathing apparatus machine with a humidifier and a comfortable sleep mask (not too pretty but who cares? you'll be amazed at your sleep quality and no more snoring!)


Extra strength nasal Breathe Right strips until you learn how to breathe through your nose and not your mouth. If you have excessive storing, please go have a sleep apnea test by a qualified physcian.

Gary Blackwood

After trying various nasal strips and sprays with no success, I pretty much licked my snoring problem (to my wife's relief) by the simple method of exercising the soft palate on the roof of my mouth; a flabby palate is the source of the problem for many snorers, I understand. It's a bit difficult to describe how to do it. The closest I can come is to say: with the top of your tongue held against your palate, suck hard on the back of your tongue. Experiment with it a little; when you get it right, you'll feel the muscles in the palate start to strain and tighten. I try to do this exercise several minutes each day, and it really seems to work. Good luck!

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