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12 Home Remedies for Sinus Infections


I've been doing reading about remedies that work for sinus problems and Iodine seems to be one that works, along with hydrogen peroxide, irrigation, and essential oils. But some of the recipes are vague and leave me wondering if I get it. Please tell me if what I've typed below is safe and should be effective because I have a sinus infection now and need relief. Thanks!

Depending on activities and airborne allergens I get 2 to 4 sinus problems a year. I have one now that seems to have roots in me cutting my 50-types of desert weeds I have that grow 4 feet tall! I didn't wear a mask...which was stupid but now I have a sinus infection. Started with congestion day after and 5 days later have full head congestion and yellow thick mucus in sinuses, bad temple and forehead headache, slight fever of 100ish degrees F sometimes. I grew up in deep south of MS and we only had a few varieties of ground plants in my neighborhood...some of these desert varieties seem tough in all ways!

Is this regiment okay? Thank you in advance! I want to know for my kids too because some times they get ear, nose and throat things also and I'd like to avoid commercial antibiotics and OTC meds.

Sinus thing I started today:

I was going to do this every 4-5 hours, 4 times a day until cleared and then another 3-4 days longer, maybe twice or three times a day.

1. First I mix up a plain pure salt mix, about 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon per 6oz clean distilled or purified water a little warmer than room temp, about 80deg F, and set to the side.

2. Then I swish and gargle with 2.5ml Povidone-Iodine mixed with 8.5 to 10ml water or natural mouthwash for 60-120 seconds and spit.

3. Next I'm using a nebulizer (aka essential oil diffuser from Young Living) and I get close to the outlet hole, and breathe long deep slow breaths with a towel over the diffuser and my head for 5 minutes. I do this before and after the sinus irrigation procedures (next) to help better coat and open my sinuses. I fill the diffuser with 2-3oz clean water and add:

2 drops viral essential oil mix like Thieves or On-Guard,

2 drops essential oil mix like Breathe,

1oz pure full strength edible Aloe Vera juice,

6 drops Nascent Iodine,

4 drops white Iodine (has potassium Iodide too, NOT Potassium Chloride).

I then fill remainder of reservoir with water. It holds about 4oz total.

4. Then I sinus irrigate with these:

Mixed saltwater as above into 6oz squirt bottle, or cup, or neti-type pot,

Plus 6 drops Nascent Iodine, Plus 3 drops white Iodine/Potassium Iodide,

Plus 1/2 teaspoon 3\\% hydrogen peroxide.

5. I blow out and then I use the nebulizer / diffuser again for 5 minutes.

6. Then I paint my cheeks, forehead and temples with a cotton ball and Povidone.

7. Before or after I put a congestion rub like Vick's or any other menthol like rub on my chest, shoulders and neck.

Does this regiment sound okay to do for 10 days or until the infection is gone, no more than 12 days I'd hope? I don't want to overtake Iodine or irritate anything. So far it doesn't sting & I only notice a loss of taste & smell, but that could be the stuffiness as well I suppose.

Lastly if my kids (9 to 14, all healthy) or I had an ear infection also, could I use any of these in the ear?

Thank you!

Cathleen Warren

Bragg's apple cider vinegar does work for me every time I've used it for a sinus infection. I dilute it with water and honey and drink it throughout the day and usually by day 3 I begin to notice significant relief. By day 4 its nearly gone and I usually stop drinking the ACV. The only down side to this remedy is that it really makes may stomach upset.

Dr. Mom of 5+

I enjoyed reading all the ideas listed for sinus infections, but was surprised that Goldenseal and Olive Leaf extract were not mentioned.

After suffering for decades with month long sinus infections and months of antibio's (one dr wanted me to stay on antibio's all winter! took me years to recover from just that!) I found that if you have recurrent sinus infections that there is no one things that works. I have been free from sinus infections for over 8 years with these ideas:

1-KEEP de-congested by the many ideas in Sinus and Congestion remedies area. Whatever works for you and stage of infection you are at. Saline spray and Mucinex 12 hour (keeps me decongested all nite) work for me. Neti pot if really stuffed. NO antihistimines! Warm compresses on the sinuses really melts heavy congestion. Have tissues handy!

2. Catch your infection in the early stages. Antibiotics NEVER worked for me. Only made me more open to more infections.(rebound effect)

3. Goldenseal root (not leaf) extract (good quality, tincture is best, 1 tsp. Kyolic liquid garlic (only) and a squirt of oil of oregano twice a day. Felt like a walking pizza but it works for me within 2-3 days max! There's now a oil of oregano nose spray now available that would be worth a try.

4. Do the healthy drink lots and lots of water. Carry a bottle (water :) at all times. Limit sugar and dairy products and get plenty of sleep. Drink greens juice if possible.

5. Feel any infection coming on? Take 2 Olive Leaf Extract caps before going to bed. Really works.

Hope all this helps you like it did me. You can find all these items at any health store, Swanson or best price I find is thru Subscribe and save (-10-15%) at Amazon if they are offering the item I want. Only garlic that ever made a difference in our family was Kyolic. (usually only liquid)



Discovered by students at the University of Ottawa (Ontario - Canada). Fight sinusitis by eating Manuka honey. I've tried Manuka honey from Australia and from New Zealand and found that the one from New Zealand is more effective for some reason. Manuka honey has been found to be 20X more effective than the antibiotics prescribed by doctors.

All you have to do is eat a teaspoon of Manuka honey twice a day and watch your sinusitis completely leave within 48 hrs. It may take longer if your sinusitis is caused by a virus.

If you find it too sweet, then dissolve the honey in a warm cup of water or tea or use it as a spread on toasts.


This remedy was given to me in the early nineties and was very effective:
In a pot:
3cups of water plus extra for absorption by herbs;
Bring to boil - turn off heat;
Put in pot for each cup: one teaspoon each of St. Johns Wort, Plantain, and Stinging Nettle (Echinacea can be used in place of Plantain)(use fresh herbs not prepackaged teas);
Let steep for 3 to 6 minutes;
Drink a cup and then the remainder whil still fresh.

There is no second day for hte infection. It is usually gone in a few hours: relief is immediate.

Now, the caveat: the above is my experience with fresh bulk herbs; I currently going through a sinus infection for hte first time in years; I no longer have access to bulk herbs but must rely on capsules and teas: the capsules were ineffective and only when I doubled up the teabags did they begin to cure the infection; still, it is nothing like the results from fresh herbs. And, unlike with fresh herbs, using prepackaged teas has taken three days and going.

I consider the effectiveness level to be as follows:
1. teas from fresh herbs
2. teas from extracts
prepackaged teas
4. commercial capsules


This nasal spray was introduced to me by a friend when traveling in China. Since then, I highly recommend this spray to all friends who struggle with sinus headaches or infections. I also use this for prevention – before flying, going out to public places, or if I’m around a sick person. If you already have sinus congestion, this spray will clear it out, enabling prescription nose sprays to be more effective. You can check out the site at.sinofreshstore


Sinus Buster - I have had recurring sinus infections for years and have tried many prescription medicines and even more OTC (especially natural remedies). I tried Sinus Buster and within 30 minutes I felt relief and the next morning the infection (huge big glob of green mucous) got rinsed out with my daily neti pot rinse.


Drink about a shot glass full of Noni juice several times a day. It can be found at any GNC or health food store. Tastes terrible, but will cure a sinus infection in no time.


I've got two words for you...Neti Pot!


Garlic is a proven natural antibiotic. After a few days of taking garlic pills or 2 garlic cloves a day, my infection is typically gone. I use this for my family and have had friends use it with great results. It can't hurt to try either.

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