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9 Home Remedies for Skin Cracks


Extremely Dry, Cracked or Bleeding fingertips, knuckles, hands, etc....

One, two... or a combination of all:

Vitamin E Oil
Lanolin Hydrous (Pure Lanolin in tube)
A & D Ointment (Vitamins A & D commonly used for diaper rash)

I also found 'Gloves in a Bottle' works well to put a long-lasting barrier on the hands.


Dab crack with zinc oxide (aka Desitin or diaper rash ointment-white with fish aroma). Cover completely with adhesive tape or bandages or duct tape. Leave covered one-two- or three days. Softens the dry skin & promotes healing and it protects wound & IS MOSTLY PAIN FREE WHEN COVERED!

Andrew B.

Home remedy for cracking skin of the finger tips.

If you get those painful cracks on the fingertips this is what I found works. Start to boil water and just as you see bubbles begin to start take it off the stove and dip the fingertip in the hot water for a second. Repeat this four or five times. Wait a half a minute and repeat. Do that three of four times. Allowing the water to form a drop on the crack. You should do this just as the crack is beginning but I used it once on a big crack that took several days to clear but it healed very fast afterwards.


To get rid of CRACKED HEALS apply a large amount of bepanthem cream to where they are cracked and wrap some cling wrap around you heel (but not to tight or it will cut off circulation) then put on a pair of socks and leave overnight. the cream will rapidly absorbe into that area and after a few days the crackS will be healing nicely. my heels used to crack so bad i could hardely walk on them. i used this method and IT WORKED!!! now i apply it once a week just to make sure they remain crack free.


Regular household glue will protect the broken skin until it begins to heal on it's own.


Cut a leaf from an aloe vera plant and squeeze the juice/gel onto the affected area then secure a clean handkerchief lightly over it (because it is messy) and leave on overnight. May have to repeat several nights in a row but it WILL work. If you don't have an aloe vera plant, GET ONE. They are great for all kinds of things and every home should have one.


Take plenty of vitamins A, C, D, E, and B-complex and zinc.


Take don quai in capsule form to soften skin cracks.


Apply aloe vera gel, black walnut extract, or a redmond clay poultice to the affected areas.

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