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First of all I would like to thank to everyone who posted the remedy for athlete’s foot using tea tree oil. I cannot express enough my gratitude for your help!!!
Just as many people I followed my New Year resolution and signed up for membership in brand new gym close to my house. The pool, sauna and Jacuzzi was the main attraction for me, but after few visits I started to experience the worse discomfort ever in my life – athlete’s foot (and I’ve had 3 major surgeries in my life!!). The itch between my toes started 10 days ago and it was so intense I was waking up at night scratching my feet. I’ve bought the supposedly best product Lamisil in a cream and spray format (close to $40.00!!). I washed my feet 5 times a day and rinsed them in pure alcohol. Applied Lamisil cream, baby powder, Lamisil spray. But nothing was helping. It felt like it was getting worse. I even took a sick leave from work!! It was so bad!!
Then 2 days ago I found this web site and based on the recommendations I immediately ran to the closest drug store and bought Tea Tree Oil. I soaked my feet in hot water diluted with Epson salt and Baking Soda for 20 minutes, dried my feet with paper towel and applied hefty amount of TEA TREE OIL. So far I’ve done 3 of those cures in 48 hours and the itch is gone!!!!!
Based on the other research I’ve done on the internet the TEA TREE OIL seems to be wonder for any fungal infection, including nail fungus and acne.
If you suffer from athlete’s foot, please give this a try. A small bottle cost about $10.00 dollars, but in my case it was worth every penny.


I heard a homeopath on a radio phone-in programme tell a caller to try removing dairy produce from his diet. I gave it a go and my athletes foot cleared up within a few weeks. When I started eating cheese and drinking milk again the athletes foot returned but cleared up again when I removed them from my diet for a second time. So this cure does work. Only trouble is I do miss cottage cheese!

Tiffaney G

Athletes foot remedy. I have been battling af for over 5 years. I have been to dermatologists, podiatrist,primary care physician, diabetic specialist(I don't have diabetes, but gor so desperate, I thought this specialist would have the solution). Oral medication, topical medications you name it I've used it. These drugs would not work at all, I wasted hundreds of dollars when the solution was right in my kitchen.

I just had the worst af episode, my feet were swollen, oozing with puss and I could barely walk or put on shoes.
I soaked my feet in distilled vinegar, antibacterial dish soap( dawn) and bacitracin 2 times a day. Dry feet real good, do not reuse towel, use paper towel or wah rag that you can dispose of. Apply tea tree oil . And watchas your feet begin to clear up immediately. Use disinfectant spray in you shows and wear cotton socks.

I have ne'er felt better. This issue made me so depressed and weld conscious of getting a pedicure. Trust me it works. Be well


I have never had athletes foot before in my life. However, i am a 2 ed semester nursing student and just by default, i knew what it was. It came on quickly it seemed, but by the end of the first day i knew exactly what it was. It was extremely itchy, red with a few pustules. I zoomed to CVS to get an anti-fungal and instantly drenched my toes in that. By the 3rd day, it was not getting any better what-so-ever. It was so painful (i have a high tolerance for pain) i was convinced my toe was going to fall off. I even toyed with the idea of going to the local urgent care to seek treatment at 2 am when i couldnt sleep. Prior to that i did some quick internet reading and found TEA TREE OIL was a good home remedy for this. It was not until late afternoon i was able to obtain some from CVS. I swear to you, it started working and felt relief with in 10 min. I soaked my foot 3 times that night, and once the next day and it was like it was never there.. My foot had a sore feeling because it was so cracked and inflamed. I am upset with myself for waiting 3 days to get the tea tree oil!! dont waste your money or time with the other stuff... TEA TREE OIL is your CURE! Stop reading this, and get that tea tree oil NOW!!


I have had this on and off for several years but only during the winter and I used to buy all the expensive stuff from walgreens such as lamisil and the other ones and they have never really worked. As I read these different entries and remedies I tried them all with little success. The lysol helped a little but now I tried epsom salt that has peppermint oil and baking soda in it. (by Dr. Teals) it was amazing and my feet felt a lot better especially since I had it between the toes and on the top. Afterwards my mom gave me this tea tree oil therapy which is not just tea tree. I has eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, lavender and teaa tree oil. It stopped the itching almost instantly and I was finally able to sleep throughout the night and not wake up once. this is only the second day I have used it and I feel like itll be gone in less then a week. Hope this helps all that are suffering. Good Luck.


I had athletes foot and it went through its stages where it was really red and had little bumps all over that had puss in them,I would non stop itch them, eventually I tried a few remedies, including desatin(baby but rash cream) and soaked my feet in epson salt, it changed the way athletes foot was presenting it self, it turned really dry and still kinda itchy, making my feet crack under my toes, and in the creases. Now I am using tea tree oil, and wearing socks. and sleeping. When I woke up the first time after using it my feet were super dry, the infection wasn't as bad but my feet cracked even more, so then I would put vitamin e oil on them and sleep with socks, this moistened and healed my foot, then the next day I slept with tea tree oil and back and forth until it was gone. Hope this helps, sorry it was so dang long.

Dave J.

I have had Althete's Foot off and on for several years and finally tried the clear wine vinegar and soaked my socks and shoes with it for a few weeks and it is now completely gone. The skin on your feet looks like you have been in the bathtub too long, but I was surprised at how well it works. You can get it by the gallon from Smart & Final, which makes it a very cheap solution.


FAILPROOF CHEAP WAY: I had athletes foot for about 8 months. Then I just soaked my foot in really hot water (almost at the point you can't stand it) for about 20 minutes. I did it again 3 days later. and then it was all gone. Trust me it works... don't spend money on anything... its all scam to make money off of you. The fungus can't live in extreme heat, and the soaking, draws all the fungus out of your foot. IT WORKS!


So for about 3 months my feet were non stop itching and burning. During the first month I tried using the spray powder on my feet and shoes. Seemed like it got worse. So then I started to use the creams. Still itchy n burning. Did that for the 4 weeks plus an extra two just thinking it wasn't long enough. Still didn't help. I learned that tea tree oil was a fungus fighter and bought some at Sally's and applied to my feet for 3 nights and slept w socks. Helped a little. Bought some body wash BODY ESSENCE TEA TREE OIL ...noticed I used it everyday n had no problems. So I put it on my dry or wet feet and let it set for about five to ten mins every evening. I feel I'm cured after about 5 days.


The key is persistence with almost any remedy here.

The apple cider vinegar worked but stank up the house but it was the most effective.

Tea tree oil, lemon, garlic, and regular tea also worked in the past.

After scratching your feet, wash them and don't scratch your other areas.

keep your feet dry, starch or baking powder in the shoes.

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