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Michael B

I suffered for almost a year, I showed the doctor and he got concerned. He put me on Antibiotics and every ointment on the planet it seemed. Long story short, nothing worked until I used really hot water from my shower head aimed at the infected area for as long as I could take it, then immediately turned the water cold. I'm not sure why but it killed the infection almost right away. One of my single best accomplishments. God Bless, good luck.


I had this flare up on my foot periodically for years. It was slight rash bumps around the outer edge of my foot. Recently I got a really big blister on top of my foot and then they started popping up around my foot. I use Tinactin, which did help but, they still popped up. I read in the internet to use diaper rash creme. I have spray my shoes with Lysol. I got extra strength Butt Paste and with in 48 hrs my foot is just about clear.


'm back and writing again just to testify that after 40 years of misery, I am now nearly


******** VINEGAR RULES!!! **************

I'm making spreading the word about VINEGAR instead of all the toxic anti-fungal creams and drugs my personal mission. I still fume when I think of all the money wasted, and the pain and suffering I needlessly endured

Finally The gritty hand towels I used for the ferocious itch at night is no longer in my nightstand. No more hours 'cleaning up' before a professional pedicure. No more ugly peeling feet on the beach. No more trying on only one shoe in the shoe store. LIFE IS GOOD!!!

VINEGAR is the way to go. Apple CIDER VINEGAR or WHITE VINEGAR either will do.
Some like to dilute and soak, personally I liked a full strength spray.

BUT, If for any reason you don't feel VINEGAR is working for you, no matter what cure you try, be sure to treat or disinfect ALL shoes, socks,and surfaces too. They are where the FUNGUS LIVES ON just waiting to RE-CONTAMINATE your feet.

That explains why all of the expensive creams only work for a while, The fungus is alive and well just waiting for you to run out of it.

No more drugs, chemicals or tricky concoctions keep it

*****safe and simple*******



I used athletes foot cream and then after that dried, I rubbed baby rash ointment on them and let them soak in a warm bath of water after that dried. Then I patted them dry, and coated them in baby lotion. And keep them uncovered as much as you can to prevent respreading the fungus, unfortunately if you're a sock lover like me this means no socks :(


The only thing that removes mine was VICKS VAPORUB......


The best thing by far for athlete's foot is called Toe Juice. It is a liquid that dries fast and keeps athlete's foot far away.


I have had interdigital tinea pedis (athlete's foot between toes) for almost a year. Doctor prescribed me Lamisil 1 week (no effect), clotrimazol 6 weeks (little improvement), ciclopirox olamine 2 weeks (no effect) The only thing that have worked is 'toe socks' (they are like gloves for feet) made with silver fibers. They are a little expensive (17 dollars a pair) but in 12 days, the skin was clear and the itching and smell gone. Important: they must be made of silver fiber (it seems that silver kills the fungi) Good luck and sorry for my english.


I know its kind of gross. But when I was little I had a horrible case of athletes foot. I tried all kinds of creams and nothing worked. An elderly man told my mom to pee in dirt and make a mud pac and keep my feet submerged for about 30 minutes. Theres something about the enzymes in your pee mixed with the dirt that kills it. It worked after 1 time and it was completly gone after a couple days.


I found this on the internet and can't locate it now, but it is called GOOT and it works really well. You mix 3 tablespoons of minced garlic, coconut oil and olive oil. It hardens into a paste and you put it on morning and night. It took care of acute athlete's foot in 2 days. I will use it for 6 weeks though, as directed.

L. Smoker

My husband has the worst case of Athlete's Foot that I've ever seen! I've been so worried that my kids & I would get it as badly as he has it! He has it so badly, that his heel is layered harden skin 1 inch deep that he can't even feel anything! It's so bad that I've gotten holes on my sheets where his feet lay even thru his socks! >My 20 yr old's Dr. Had told her to put Vick's or any other brands of vapor rub on her feet up to 3 time a day to smother the fungus & soften her feet as well. She did it at night only & walla her issues were gone. So I tried it on my feet & hands(with nursing gloves & socks) & in just one night my issues were fixed! Now I'm putting this home remedy to the test with my husbands hands & feet! I'm pretty sure he's going to have to apply a super thick layer of vapor rub & 3 times a day! He already has to clean with vinegar & then switch to soaking in bleach/water. Gold bond powder/lysol spraying shoes, etc. I will however, get some tea tree oil/pepermint oil to aid in the process.

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