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Pete M.

I have gotten athletes foot a few times in my life and up until this recent episode, Tinactin has always eliminated it.

This latest experience with it was completely awful and by far the worst I have ever had it. I tried Tinactin, Lotrimin, Vinegar soaks, Apple Cider Vinegar soaks, Tee Tree Oil soaks, Powder, Iodine, Vicks Vapo Rub, Super Hot get the point. I tried pretty much everything everyone has written on this board and nothing would shake it.

After border line losing hope(and my mind), I read somewhere to try Betadine. Completely desperate for a remedy I ordered some off Amazon...and thank god it worked. Hallelujah!

Here is what I did. I used hot water and 3 cap fills of Betadine to soak both my feet for 20 minutes each foot. I did this twice a day. At night, I put therapeutic tee tree lotion on my feet to help with the cracking skin, itching, and added treatment. In the morning, I wash my feet really good, dry them really good, and use a light dust of foot powder until I get home and can put on flip flops. Wash, rinse, repeat for as many days as it takes to eliminate it.

It has been 4 days of this and the dreaded, seemingly indestructible fungus appears like it's pretty much gone. Just for safety measures, I am going to keep doing this for at least another week.

I know how awful this crap is and I was losing hope after trying nearly everything. Trust me when I say to try Betadine. I had an absolutely awful case of athletes foot and Betadine is the only thing that worked. Best of luck and thanks to those of you who recommended Betadine. You saved my sanity.


Spray infected area with Lysol disinfectant,burns like heck for about 30 seconds but once that goes away instant cure.


About a month after I developed symptoms to athletes foot and being frustrated that it was not going on its own, I went to the Local Clinic. After researching the symptoms I concluded that I had Atlete's Foot. The nurse gave me Lamisil, which I used for 2 weeks with no results. I went to a local store and bought Tetterine Ointment that is made up of 2% Miconazole Nitrate. Every night before I went to bed, I would apply raw bleach using cotton to the area on both feet. After applying the bleach, I would let it dry and then put on the ointment then put on socks and go to bed. I did this for 2 and a half weeks and I am seeing complete results. My skin underneath the toe is getting its colour and texture back. I wanted to share because I was expecting a brand like Lamisil to work but it didn't. I hope my remedy works for at least one of you!


Okay I got this really really bad last night & tried allergy meds, itching creams, etc... Gold Bond Triple Action relief helped for a little while but not long. I applied a generous coat of it to my feet before bed, took some allergy meds & some zzzquil (which almost always keeps me out at least 6 hours) but was up again 2 hours later. After searching some home remedies, I decided to mix a few together. And here is what I came up with: run a very hot bath (as hot as u can stand) & add a bit of bleach, some Dr. Teals Eucalpytus & spearmint epson salt (got mine at HEb for $5) & a pouch of Aveeno's 100% natural colloidal oatmeal soothing bath treatment. Sat in the tub for twenty minutes & almost dozed off but once I was dry I crawled in bed & slept for another 6 hours. No itch all day. Mild itch while at work but not enough to wanna rub/scratch. Itch is starting to come back now but not nearly as instense as it was last night. Not sure what worked in my weird concoction but something did the trick. Gonna go take another soak after dinner. Best of luck


To prevent athlete's foot you should keep your feet clean and dry.


This works best if used when you have mild athletes foot. Get any face wipe that has alcohol in it, and rub it on the affected spot. It dries it out because it is intended to dry out acne, and the alcohol helps sterilize it

Foot and keyboard

Long time sufferer of athlete's foot: Used antiseptic hand gel (decent grade; type you'll find in a chemist) on the affected areas and haven't looked back. It's a preventative measure rather than a cure, but if you're a person who is affiliated with this blight, you should at least see some results, if not a way of keeping it at bay.


Hello Everyone. I was suffering with Athletes feet and to make matters worse contracted jock-itch, I never knew the two ailments were connected and was driving me crazy. I read everything and anything on the net to eradicate this living hell that tormented me relentlessly. I eventually tried the vapo-rub method and lubricated both my groin and feet and to my surprise worked on the groin however still had an agonising time with my feet. I read somewhere that ant-dandruff shampoo helps clear fungus and started treat my feet with Clear shampoo. In fact I used it as a body wash and not one outbreak has came back since. It was a blessing in disguise considering the athletes foot was along term problem.It worked for me and hopefully does the same for you.

Queen - NYC

I had a case of vesicular (blistering) athlete's foot that persisted for 2 months before I finally found a healthcare provider (a wonderful podiatrist-surgeon) that knew exactly how to cure it. It started between my toes and quickly spread to the area of my foot called the 'instep.'

To cure it, the doctor first cleaned the area with Iodine and a gauze using firm, uni-directional swipes. Next, with another gauze, he wiped the area down with alcohol. With a sterile blade, he cut off the tops of the blisters to allow them to drain, and trust me, a lot of YUCK oozed out. He repeated the cleaning with Iodine and Alcohol. Then, he placed prescription anti-fungal + steroid cream (all in one) to the affected sites. It has to be all in one because the steroid stops your skin from reacting with blisters, peeling, etc. allowing the anti-fungal to penetrate more deeply and do a more thorough job.

He finally bandaged the area with gauze and self-adhesive bandage. I wore this for 2 days and kept my foot dry when I showered.

On my follow up, we cleaned the area in the same manner again. Applied the cream, and I am still applying this cream day and night to the area and wearing crocs only for ventilation. It's drying up, healing and flaking away revealing my normal skin again. I have another 3 full weeks of treatment to go before I am done.

It take approx. 2 weeks to kill all fungus and another 2 weeks to be safe it's all cleared up in totality.

Good luck. I know this thing is unsightly, irritating and a medical nuisance, but with persistence and being consistent it is quite easy to cure.


After 33 years of on and off battle with athlete's feet I agreed to use caster sugar as advised by a friend of mine. I was skeptical but within a week normal skin color started appearing between the toes. I applied morning and evening and now use it occasionally, just wanting it make sure the thing has disappeared for good.

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