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Wash your feet with Dial Soap(Antibacterial). Dry off and spray foot and between your toes with Arrid Extra Dry Deorderant,. If your feet can't sweet, Athelets foot can not live, 3 days and a surver case will be gone, if it starts coming back, reaply,
this really works


After reading through the remedies on this site, I soaked my foot twice per day in a mixture of salt (two tablespoons) white vinegar (one-half cup) plus enough hot water to cover my foot. Then I dried my foot thoroughly and used an OTC medication and baking soda or powder. The soaking got rid of the pain and itching and the OTC med got me on the road to healing. But some last lingering cracked spots just would not clear up, and I was worried about reinfection. I put some lip balm on those spots (Kiehl's Lip Balm #1) and they disappeared.


There is a company that sells an odor eliminator soap for hunters that I bought to help with foot odor. It not only stopped the odor but quickly cured my reoccurring athlete's foot in days. It worked great. It is called Scent Eraser Hair and Body Wash. I recommend it to everyone now.


put vicks vapor rub on the feet and after a few days the infection will bne gone there is something in vicks that kills the infection and releves the ich and burning saw this on a mens health site for this infection also disinfect your shoes and never wash plastic shoes and dry them it will trap the infection inside and you will keep getting it i am a waitress and i just got it for the first time in my life and vicks seems to really help my father used to use absorbing jr for his atheletes infections he got it from the gym when he was 27 and used uit ever time he got it hope these helps

Dr.Tabassum Patel

Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is the most common way to treat athlete's foot naturally
Grapefruit seed extract: Grapefruit seed extract having strong antifungal property very effective in this condition.
Ajwain basil decoction
Boil 4tsp of ajwain and few basil leaves in 4 cup of water make it 1 cup then add luke warm water and a pinch of salt and place feet in that water for 10 minutes then dry feet properly it will give relief inn few days only.

selena matlock

In a large bowl (big enough for feet):) fill it part way with hot water and add...
1 cup of vinegar
1/4 cup of epson salt
3 table spoons of Boric Acid

Boric acid mixes very well when whisked!
so whisk it up and soak feet for at least 15 min , dry thoroughly,
dusting with cornstarch is good for keeping dry.
We noticed right away the decrease in odor and after only one week and four treaments the fungus is leaving! Yay!!
It is very important to treat your feet well. shoes that breathe and sandals, clean socks always! let them piggies get air!

Jacksonville Phil

Years ago, my grandmother fixed a solution of gullberry roots. She made the solution by boiling the roots until there was a tea mixture. Do not drink. I soaked everyday for a week and haven't had athlete's foot since. That was 1966.


Use a disposable emery board to file away any dead skin between your toes. Soak your feet in the sink in HOT water with LOTS of epsom salt. BLOW DRY your feet to get rid of every ounce of moisture. Apply Lamisil (require Rx) to toe cracks. Chan your socks daily and THROW THEM OUT EVERY DAY! Buy disposable foam inserts for your shoes and Tinactin (Over the counter) foot powder to put in your shoes until it clears and then once it is gone THROW THE SHOES OUT JUST IN CASE SO YOU DONT GET IT AGAIN - Better SAFE than SORRY!


soak your feet in warm water, and then file them to get as much hard skin off as you can. Cover you feet with a thin layer of oregano oil. It smmel bad but in 3 or 4 days it will be all gone! Plus oregano oil has so many other uses. Good luck


Ultra-violet light (aka tanning bed bulbs) and drying very thoroughly following bathing

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