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I just wanted to share a remedy for athletes foot that I used on my daughter. The soles of her foot were covered in the fungus and I put a slice of garlic & a bandaid on the affected areas overnight for 6 weeks. It cleared up and never came back !!!


Use nail polish remover in the affected area (between your toes). It stops the itching and burning, gets rid of the redness, and the athlete's foot will be gone in 1-3 days. I found this out accidentally when I had athlete's foot, and was removing the polish from my toenails. I now use this at the first sign of athlete's foot and it really works!


If Anti-fungal remedies aren't working, and the area between the toes is red, itchy, and chafing, it may be bacterial. Wash and dry thoroughly, and apply 'Neosporin + Pain' cream - not ointment - to the area. Cream absorbs into the skin and breathes better. Go without socks as much as possible, especially overnight. Use Gold Bond or regular baby powder to keep the area dry while in socks and shoes. Change socks often and maintain good general hygiene. You should see results in a couple of days. Be consistent. If it's still going on see a doctor.


Soak your feet in hot water and a few cap fulls of clorox for 15 minutes. Works like a charm.


I've got 1 word 'cortisone'.it knocked out a SEVERE case in 48hrs.with only a short sting(1-2mins.)followed by near full relief.could not believe the results.screw pissing on your feet.


urinating on your feet while in the shower twice a day is an awsome remidie for athletes foot. I will relieve symptoms (for me anyhow) for a week sometimes longer.


First I would like to say THANK YOU to all the people that took time to submit remedies for athlete's foot they helped me alot. This is working for me I took a little info from some of the cures that I read here goes. I soaked every day for a week 20-30 mins in APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (twice a day EVERYday would be better). Then I soaked in peroxide for one day and that boiled all of the dead skin away but it will be painful if you have open blisters and you will have to rinse in cold water to stop the action of the peroxide. After each soak I squirt a mixture between my toes and let it dry naturally or with the aide of a fan, put on some cotton socks and go to bed. The mixture is jojoba oil, tea tree oil, aspirin and alcohol


Soak your feet in a 1/2 and 1/2 Clorox and cold water solution. Scratch them good to open up the sores. It will hurt granted but will stop it in it's tracks. Works for Jock itch as well with 1 gal to bathtub full of LUKE warm water.


...the Remedy that worked for me is something you can find in the summer outside or at the grocery store. My grandma saved me once when I had a terrible case of something worse than athlete's foot. My skin was literally rotting off and had to be removed by a doctor. I had very large blisters between my toes that were just horrible. My grandma went out into a field and picked a tall fluffy kind of plant called 'Fennel'. You boil it for about 20 min in a large pan and allow it to cool. Soak in the boiled mixture for about 20 min. Dry off and repeat about 2 -3 times a day. It worked WONDERS!!!! I had tried everything, trust me. I recommended it once to a friend who had been trying all sorts of creams under her arms because she had some type of yeast infection. But for you women, I wouldn't suggest using it in personal areas since I don't know for sure about that. I guess since it is natural and if you were desperate, maybe. Anyway, throw it out after a day and start over. It may stain clothes because the liquid is green, so beware of that. Hope it helps someone! (You can find Fennel in the produce section close to the cabbages and such.) Be sure to apply several applications over the course of a couple days or however long it takes. You should definitely see improvement almost immediately.


Cure Athletes Foot & Stinky feet with DISH SOAP. It is antibacterial & antifungul. I found that DAWN Dishwashing Liquid works best ( the original). Be sure to treat your shoes with hot water, dish soap and bleach or better yet get new shoes.

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