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I was bothered by athlete's feet for years - the cycle was itching, burning and cracked skin between the two small toes on both feet, apply antifungal creme - three weeks later start again. Then I discovered the secret: stop washing between the toes! It must be the abrasive action of the washcloth that strips away outer skin cells reducing the skin's natural barrier to the fungus. Simply spread you toes and swish or rinse in the bath or shower - and of course the spaces between your toes should be thoroughly dry.


I finally called my doctor after trying many of the over-the-counter cures. He suggested Vicks Vapa Rub. He explained that it is an anti fungal and to wash feet prior to use and rub in throughly.
I have been using it for a couple weeks and see improvement. It apparently doesn't work right away but is better than many of the other products I have tried.

Ron Benefield

Those that have this yeast problem lack the natural defense to eliminate the yeast overgrowth and that the body needs probiotics to build the immune system. Eithy per cent of the immune system is in the colon and if there are colon problems or constipation problems then the immune response will not be adequate to fight the yeast and athletes foot will thrive.

Doug B.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Over the counter Antifungal treatment.

I read over many of these hair brained treatments, and formulated a treatment of my own,that worked after two weeks of use. Before and after showering I would swab the infected area with HP and wait till it stopped foaming. Shower, and then reapply the HP, wipe dry and then apply the Antifungal cream all over specially between the toes.

Worked like a charm, I had tried alot of other remedies but found that nothing worked better than Hydrogen Peroxide and Cream.

Good Luck


This has always gotten rid of my ringworm or athlete's feet. I always get this on my fingers even. It may sound silly but go to the store and by a woman's fungal vaginal cream. The one that is not the 2 percent, but the overnight cream. The 6 percent one. Put it on infected area 3 times a day.


Living in Florida, the stuff is rampant. I ahve found the best Cure is HEAD AND SHOULDERS shampoo. It is a exfoliator and will clear it right up in less than a month. I found teh idea when I was researching Ring worm, a cousin of atheletes foot. It cured my ring worm and figured if it worked on Ring worm it should work on its cousin adn sure enough it did. REALLY great stuff. I use it like a lotion 1-2 times a day after showering. For get about the $12 stuff in a little tube.


Take it from a medic-
Even though you are finding a great many 'home remedies' on this site, you should proceed carefully when choosing a method!
True Boric Acid IS NOT meant to be used ON A RASH or on your skin! It can be toxic to adults, children, and pets alike! It is meant for socks and shoes as a cleaning or drying agent and is NOT meant to TREAT the fungus!

Onion & garlic extracts have been used as homeopathic remedies with some success (though not proven to be full proof-it may work in less than 15% of the people who try it).

Baking Soda helps with drying and balancing PH

The use of household bleach as a direct topical application or soak for tinea pedis is not recommended, as it is a well documented irritant and diluted as an environmental decontaminant to prevent the spread of dermatophytes between animals, and from animals to humans.

Some podiatrists recommend soaking the feet in a solution of Epsom salts in warm water.

If you want true help in getting rid of the Athletes Foot, the key is not only keeping your feet dry but drying out the often raised rash which is sometimes accompanied by blisters or sores. Change your white cotton socks at least 2 times daily. As athletes foot can lead to jock itch and a variety of other problems, do NOT take a BATH-try a shower (wash the area gently with a mild facial cleanser or anit-bacterial soap). Then get a basin (clear plastic storage bins work great) & Soak your feet in warm water (NOT HOT-hot water irritates the areas and makes the rash worse). You can either add regular table salt to the water, vinegar, or plain tea bags (all three of these options will help dry out the rash and give an anti fungal cream or spray a better chance of being fast acting). Beware of corn starch as it often 'feeds' this sort of rash and makes it worse. Remember that chemicals like bleach, nail polish remover, tilex, etc & household liquids like Listerine may kill the fungus and germs but they can also have adverse affects including chemical burns and blood infections. It's always best to consult a doctor before trying home remedies as you may be allergic to many of the ones suggested online.

I've seen a case where a man used Listerine on his foot and ended up with 'jungle rot'-NOT a pretty picture. While it's GREAT for toe nail fungus, it's not so great for your whole foot!

Something else to consider is your stress level and body PH. High acid foods like sodas & tomatoes can contribute to skin rashes. Try adding more water, fish oil, nuts, & PH balancing foods to your diet! Also, de-stress...after all, everyone needs an ooosaaah moment! Hope this helps!!


Im sure a lot of these remedies will work in their own way but I have suffered from this for years and used all the sprays ( lotrimin ) etc. and they work but not for long , always comes back unless you keep using a couple times a week to prevent . The cheapest thing I found is Blue star ointment . Rub on feet and inbetween toes with q tip daily until symptoms are gone then continue to apply a couple time a week to prevent recurring.I tried a clorox mix in water once and it burned my feet up.


Athletes foot/Nail Fungus So yea wow I've tried like every thing. Went to Walmart and bought everthing under the sun but White Vinger soak every day for a hour works best I saw result in less then couple days... What I do is soak for a hour when my feet get pruny I take them out and scrub them to get all the dead skin off cause that what the fungus like to eat... after a week my feet were smooth and looking allot better I think if I do this for a couple months I'll be allot better.... I still use all the crap I bought at the store too during this main important thing is to keep feet dry and not humid and hot which is hard for me cuz I live in texas... I take my shoes off like 3 times a day to air them out trust me I got get rid of this now I'm 25


I went camping and initially thought I had a bug bite on my toe. One week later, I am beginning to realize it's athletes foot. I've been spraying the area with rubbing alchohol, allowing to air dry ( about 15 seconds) putting a clean cotton ball between my affected toes and covering with a clean white sock. Repeat twice per day. I've been doing this for two days and can already see a recovery.

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