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George Watson

For Your Athletes feet problem a much simpler treatment is to simply to coat Vaseline between the toes and it smothers out the AF. Much less painful than the Jim Wade product which will burn like fire. And I know this from experience since I grew up back then since my mother would put in on red bug bites down on my crotch.


I cured mine with tea tree oil after getting it from one of my 4 shower-sharing roomies.

Doused the infected area with tea tree oil, between toes really well, and on/under toenails. After obsessive overuse of the tea tree oil I massaged some coconut oil in- and then yes more tea tree oil. Threw some fresh socks on and went to sleep.

36 hours later and totally gone- if there wasn't scars I wouldn't be able to tell where it was!


I finally found a cure to my athlete's foot after 8 years! I would like to mention that I sweat A LOT, especially from my feet. That was my major problem that caused the repeated infection. I was also a landscaper during the summer, so I was constantly sweating in my work boots all day. I used to take Lamisil pills to treat it but that is not a long term solution, so I started looking at other methods to manage my fungal problem. The main thing is to keep your feet dry in your shoes. I do this by dumping a good amount of Gold Bond (body powder) in my socks. It's messy but it works great. I also allow my shoes to dry with the insoles out for 24 hours after each use. To keep my shoes clean, I put new insoles in my shoes every two weeks and spray them with lysol every month to disinfect them. I also clean my bathtub every week or two with a disinfectant. I wear sandals when ever possible and don't wear socks when I'm at home. I make sure to wash my feet when ever they get very sweaty and always before I go to bed. After I take a shower I dry in-between my pinky toes with kleenex because that is where I get it the worst. All of this may seem way overboard lol, but it has worked for me this far. Preventing athlete's foot when you have excessive sweating is more of a lifestyle change than a quick fix. These are things that I will probably have to do for the rest of my life and I have come to accept that lol. Oh ya, tea tree oil has been a godsend. Lastly, if your feet sweat a lot I have found that things like stress, poor foot wear and cheap socks can worsen the symptoms. Try loose fitting wicking socks and shoes with a lot of ventilation. Don't give up hope. The right combination of treatments is out there.


I had a horrible case of athletes foot for years. I tried EVERYTHING, apple cider vinegar, bleach, creams, over counter stuff, garlic, etc. If someone said it would work, I tried it. And every night they itched and drove me nuts. My toenails were unsightly and brittle. Then I tried an over the counter yeast infection cream.. I used the store brand cause the name brand was a little pricey. And since nothing ever worked, I hated to just throw more money away. But after two weeks, using just mornings about every other day and washing with soap and water and making sure I kept them dry... ITS GONE. My nails are returning to normal. YAY!!!


I woke up one morning with a DEEP BURNING ITCH on my right foot and toes. I looked to see what the problem was. It looked like my foot was on fire from the top of my arch to the end of my toes on both top and bottom of my foot. By evening, I was nearly crippled from the swelling and pain. This was the kind of itch I wanted to scratch with an ice pick! I went to the pharmacy and came home with 5 different OTC remedies. I was on a mission to get rid of this! Little did I know that my money was wasted! Not a one of those items even slowed it down.

My husband said it looked like the athlete's foot he saw when he was in high school gym showers and dressing rooms only worse. He said the coach always said apply Vicks Vapo Rub put on really, really thick and then put a thick sock over it and go to bed. It is gone by the time you wake up in the morning!!! One treatment! ... and cheap treatment at that! I thought 'oh, sure, no one-treatment will work on this' but I went and got the bottle of Vicks and slathered it on like he said. He said to put on an old white cotton sock for it to work the best. I did it just like he said mainly to appease him and because I didn't know what else to do. NO, JOKE, THE ATHLETE'S FOOT WAS GONE! GONE! GONE! My husband said to throw away the old sock and put on freshly washed and dried socks. He had me throw out all my summer sneakers since we suspected that one of them was the cause. Then, I rewashed all the socks and underwear (even the already washed) in HOT water and APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! I mopped the bathroom floor and cleaned the shower with APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! BE SURE NOT TO GO BARE FOOTED AND GIVE IT TO EVERYONE ELSE!

That is the first and last time I have had that awful athlete's foot! I hate to admit it, but, my husband was right! (Shoo! Quite! I don't want him to hear me say he was right!) That was about 15 years ago and I have been free of that abominable scourge. Vicks Vapo Rub!!! ONE TREATMENT!!!


IODINE. I've been suffering with athlete's foot for the past four months and have tried a variety of treatments including several OTC treatments, tea tree oil, ACV, garlic, alcohol, acetone, etc. I saw several postings about betadine (name brand for iodine) and decided to give it a try. It's been about a week of applying it between my toes and on the bottom of my feet 3-4 times a day and it appears that the fungus is finally gone! The itch stopped the first day and the skin on my feet finally looks normal again. You can get an 8oz bottle at the drug store for about $12, which will last forever, as a little goes a long way. Thank you to all the people who posted about iodine!


1 more athletes foot story, its long.

Cured my athletes foot? 3 years of painful fissures under my toes and between, Itching and scaley rashy redness. I was so depressed, it affected my whole life and I had a new baby to worry about to boot. Seriously, ain't nobody got time for this sh!t. It started during my pregnancy when I had to take a ton of powerful broad spectrum antibiotics ( staph infection, followed by, c. Diff from the first round of antibiotics) just itching at first, then full blown bleeding cuts. At first I tried tinactin, econazole, acv pills, pau de arco, fungi stop, neem oil, colloidal silver so many things I cannot remember, and many more, NOPE, then lamisil cream which worked for a week then came back despite still using it. Then i went online and discovered acv soaks every night and morning for weeks, relieved the itching, but dried my skin so badly. (Meanwhile, constantly buying new socks and washing them in bleach hot water and new shoes all of the time $$$$, multiple dermatologists) Then tea tree oil, gave me blisters, maybe some kind of dermatitis. Then did a capful of bleach in a gallon of water ( every other day the bleach soaks) followed by monistat 3, it has miconazole nitrate 4%, with foot powder in my socks, this helped heal my skin, but didn't cure the problem. The dermatologist finally prescribed Ketoconazole cream, this I used religiously for 2 years morning and night and gave up all the other remedies. This stuff cleared up all of my symptoms and made my feet beautiful again, tho I knew it was still there. Maybe I have Candida, during this time I tried The Body Ecology Diet(which actually did cure my friends athletes foot) with the ketoconazole cream, I physically felt better and was 'regular' again lol. But when I stopped using the cream, after about a week it started to itch and I would see little spots starting to form again. I found this stuff called Lufenuron on I bought 2 treatments worth and decided I was going to stop using the cream and when my fungus came back, I would take that and only that to rid my body of fungus. So I stopped using the cream and after about 7 days, I noticed skin beginning to peel-under one toe. And started feeling the pricking sensation of new spots forming and I grabbed some oregano oil (I had some that I was taking orally during the body ecology diet) and I rubbed a drop or 2 on my affected toes, and felt relief. Now it has been 2 weeks of just using the oregano oil and my feet are perfect! Morning and night still and every other night I rub coconut oil all over both feet and sleep with socks.
What has worked: diluted bleach soaks with Montostat 3 (miconazole nitrate 4%) and foot powder. Or
Ketoconazole 2x pr day. Or
Oregano oil 2x/day and coconut oil every other day

Best tips:

ALWAYS SLEEP WITH SOCKS AND ALWAYS USE RUBBER GLOVES WHEN TOUCHING YOUR FEET!! Gloves are about $20 for 400 @ Costco. I hope this helps someone


Use Vick's! you will see and feel the difference in 24 hours

use it twice a day. Should be gone in a week or two.

Good luck.


I really was suffering from itching burning and stinging. then my pharmacist gave me some pills called Histasin (Cetirizine dihydrochloride) and the itching burning and stinging was gone. just take one pill as soon as the itch starts. it's a must try. won't regret it.
thnx to my pharmacist


After months and months of trying different soaks and remedies, I finally got rid of my Athlete's Foot. Do a 30 minute ACV soak first (just once), to take the itch away. Do two weeks of Lamisil (OTC). The most important step: before applying the Lamisil, wipe down your toes with Isopropyl Alcohol - 91% ($2 for a huge bottle) Do this for the full two weeks even if it looks like it has gone away. Stop using the Lamisil after 2 weeks. Continue wiping your toes with the alcohol and apply straight tea tree oil in lieu of the Lamisil. Be barefoot as much as possible. If you must wear closed-toe shoes, put a good amount of baking soda in your socks before you leave the house.

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