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I have to admit I was scepticle about these cures after years of doctor visits and thousands of dollars. I had athletes foot for 15 yrs i was never able to find a cure. I tried tea tree oil, garlic, peroxide, salt soaks, otc meds all apart and in conjuction with each other. After reading suggestions i made one last valient effort to rid myself of this modern day leprosy. I took a week off of work ran around outside without shoes. I drank only lemon water and cut all sodas and juices. After my feet were nice and crusty I sprayed tilex mold and mildew everywhere in the bathroom. I cleaned every spot of that place i also sprayed my feet and let it sit for 20 min. I performed this two days in a row. For the first time in more years than i can remember i slept throught the night without scratching. I removed the insoles from my shoes and sprayed them with the tilex. I rinsed the insoles and wiped clean the inside of the shoes. The third day i soaked my feet with 100% apple cider vinegar for 1 hour. It was at this point I noticed the Jungle Rot was no longer there the itching was gone and the smell of vinegar never smelled so sweet. I continued the soak the rest of the week. Weekly i clean the bathroom floor and twice a week the tub. Every week one night a week I soak my feet in the acv to be sure and every day i wash my feet with selsun blue. I thank God i am free of the scourge and believe me I know what some of you are going through. I am fungus free and able to go to pool parties without shoes. I believe that the greatest help was the change in diet. I no longer consume refined sugar and love lemon water. Good luck to all of you and If my posting helps just one person I know ive done a great service.


I had a case of athlete's foot that lasted for the better part of a year. I tried over the counter Lamisil for a month with no improvement. I went to my doctor and was prescribed Itraconazole capsules and a Ketoconazole topical cream for 2 months and saw no improvement. I was at a point where I thought this is just something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. A friend at work suggested that I try using potassium permanganate. I was able to get my hands on a 500g bottle. I filled a plastic dish wash tub with water until it covered my feet (the infection was on top of my feet). Then, I added 2 heaping plastic spoonfuls of potassium permanganate powder and stirred it until it was dissolved (3 spoonfuls would irritate my skin). I soaked my feet every evening for a half hour until I used up the entire bottle. After soaking I would just pat my feet dry with a towel and put on socks to keep from making a mess around the house. Within 3 days I noticed real improvement and after 2 weeks the infection was completely gone. This was 2 years ago and the infection has never returned. This treatment will stain your skin brown for a few weeks and your toenails will be stained black until they grow out, but it's a small price to pay to get rid of this problem. I got my potassium permanganate from Sigma chemical company, but I also believe that you can get it at plumbing stores as it is used for removing iron from water.


Well, I've tried the vinegar as most swear by it, it helped, but that was about all, I tried the bleach, same reaction, helped but nothing great! The lysol DOES help the burning ,itch. The over the counter products ,um helped,but didnt cure or even make it any better! So today I tried the monistate cream for yeast!! So far???? It's helping !!! I even tried the perioxide...........but Im telling you the female vaginal creams seem by far the best!!! And take a lesson well learned by me, DO NOT try shoes on at the store!!! Thats how I caught atletes foot ,make sure you take a small thing of lysol with you and spray the shoes BEFORE trying on!! I've never had this condition in 48 years, now I do, and I'll be so glad when its gone!!! Also there is such a condition called **JUNGLE ROT** so check with your doctor !! My mother had that for years !! and finally after about 15yrs got rid of it!!! Good luck out there!!


Vaginal anti-fungal medications only work on some types of athletes foot...
If you have athletes foot with cracks or open, raw spots from itching the skin off, other bacteria can get in there.
Yeast infections are common complications of athletes foot infections. If your athlete's foot is oozing or pussing, it might be a yeast infection.
In that case, vaginal creams will do wonders.
If it's not a yeast infection and just regular athlete's foot, it could possibly make the infection worse because the cream is designed to kill yeasts, not fungus.
Anyways, I hope this helps.


Okay so we've all had it. That case of Athletes foot that just wont go away. I tried everything. Nothing seemed to work, and then when my sensitive skin had an allergic reaction to the lotramin spray. Forget it. My foot looked horrible. So I tried something on my own.

3 times a day I used Hydrogen Peroxide (3%, the stuff you buy at the grocery store for under a 1$). I poured it on my foot, concentrating in between my toes. I'm not going to lie to you all, it burns, and fizzes. But thats okay it cleaning out the infection. So three times a day, followed by the application of Neosporin on the affected area. In one day I saw a big improvement in my foot. After a week the infection was almost completely gone. Remember to air out your foot to keep the area dry and of course wear well ventilated shoes. And don't forget the most important part..



For those who have less serious cases of athlete's foot, a simple, completely free short and long term remedy for the itching symptom I have finally found! This works everytime, and has no drawbacks. SIMPLY PUT your feet (infected area) under hot water, (about the temperature that won't burn but is very uncomfortable to leave your foot under), and like magic it will work. It will make the itching go away, and clean the area.

theclassicpluszie woman

No matter What treatment you try over the counter creams, or home remedies the key to permanent relief is making sure that you also treat your shoes, socks and surfaces like showers bathroom floors, bedroom carpets etc so that they don't recontaminate your feet. I don't believe the fungus is in your blood, but I do think that diet is a factor in feeding the fungus. For example I noticed that my middle of the night itching fits were usually followed by me eating bread, a late pasta dinner (starch, yeast) or a very sweet desert (sugar). Beer and liquor (yeast and sugar) are also likely culprits. start to make your own observations and modify your diet as needed.


Alright so I've been dealing with athletes foot for years and recently I've found the little bottle hydrogen peroxide the off brand spray bottle has done best after a few days it was gone.


I recently had to fight with athlete's foot. It started with my toe nails, was being treated by my doc. with lamisil pills and soon after the itching started. I have to say that I tried it ALL!!!!! vinegar, tea tree oil, deodorant, lamisil cream, clorox, everything. Then I came across more comments from people like me. Frustrated I came across the one guy who suggested LYSOL. Let me tell you that I simply washed my feet, dried and sprayed a light coat of LYSOL. That night I was finally able to sleep!!!!! I continued with it and now it's completely gone!


If you can find it, Henna (sometimes called Mehndi) works great on athlete's foot due to its natural antifungal makeup, and it's all natural! The only problem is, Henna is used to create designs on the body, so it will stain your feet for at most a month, but if you wear shoes regularly, it might just do the trick for you. However, do NOT use BLACK Henna or any other coloured henna besides the natural brown stain. Black can compromise your immune system, and any other colour is a synthetic and unnatural henna!

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