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I periodically get athletes foot and usually have no problem getting it taken care of with creams. But once, when I was 14, I lost the tube I had. I didn't tell my parents and ignored it. 2 weeks later my athlete's foot was exponentially worse and I needed immediate relief. I went searching and found a tube of Cortizone 10. At the time I didn't know what it was nor what it was used for. I tried it anyway. Immediately the iching went away and the athlete's foot healed faster than any cream I had used before. Don't know why this was and haven't used it since. But it did wonders at the time.

Amanda (Manah)

My father was an Infantry man for as long as I can remember and had feet SO BAD, that they were completely scaled, toenails yellow and jagged, and with athlete's foot so bad, his skin would crack and bleed. I advised him on the benefits of garlic, so, every morning, he would peel one clove of garlic, crush it on a spoon, and chase it with grapefruit juice or orange juice-much like a tequila shot! Then, after a short period of time, not only were his feet COMPLETELY healed, but he was also able to stop taking his high blood pressure medicine. His heart was thumping like a teenager again and feet so great that they could have modeled shoes. And I'm talking regular colored nails, NO scaling, and NO dried, cracked, bleeding skin between his toes. He still can't thank me enough to this day!


Soak your feet in a cheap brand of white vinegar, undiluted for 30 minutes a day. Dry and spray with Walmart brand of Tinactin. In 3 days your athlete's foot infection will be nearly gone. Had a very bad case, and this worked wonders!


I have experience and this works: Wash feet with wash-cloth and soap - rinse well, dry thoroughly. Spray on entire foot and 3 inches above foot on leg with 'Lysol Disinfectant' spray in scent called Crisp Linen (agreeable scent.) With hand, rub lysol spray into foot only 30 seconds then dry off excess with clean dry cloth or paper towel. Repeat on other foot. Put on clean slippers and wash hands. Never wear the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row-they must dry out inbetween wearing. Change socks 1-2 times day. Let feet air when at home but always have something on your feet like clean slippers or flip-flops. I know Lysol spray is not made for this, but I was desperate. Even if skin is broke, spray on, rub in quick and wipe off/dry again, limiting your exposure. You should feel relief first time you do this.


I know this sounds dumb and gross, but nobody else put it so i will. Get in the shower, piss on your infected area each day till it goes away. If.... it comes back do it again. I did this as advice from a family friend because i used to get it so bad i would bleed. I seriously thought about chopping off my feet. I peed on my toes in the shower, let it sit for a couple minutes, then rinsed it off. I know it's gross. but my daily life with athletes foot is over. I did this three times in a row, with instant relief and instant healing that was noticeable. I haven't had it since. That was ten years ago! take it or leave it, its up to you, either way im cured and never looked back.!!!!!


I had a mild case. Before it got too out of hand (even though it is the worst i've had it) i decided to try some homeopathic remedies.

I put some baking soda in my socks. In the morning my feet were sore even one of my toes were red. I guess baking soda isn't the greatest idea!!! But i think i added way too much. It has a pH of 8, our skin is 5, fungus likes 5. It doesn't do well in acidic which is lower, i looked for lime juice which is 1.8-2 and i couldn't find any so i went with something really different to 5, something way higher. Mylanta/milk of magnesia.

i soaked my feet in approximately 2 cups vinegar (pH 2.4-3.4), about 6 cups hot water and a tablespoon Epsom salts which is soothing for my feet since they were sore from the baking soda. Just warning you it tingles to a slight very bearable sting (could be from the baking soda). This shocked me that it would sting, but i guess that meant it was working.

i soaked that for at least an hour while i read magazines. Then i used some selsun blue anti-dandruff shampoo since i previously always used cedel to wash my feet which has 2% pyrithione zinc which is double the concentration of head and shoulders, i figured it had a slight resistance to it and Selsun blue contains another chemical selenium sulfide. I put the shampoo on my foot brush and scrubbed my feet well. I pumiced; since the fungus feeds off dead skin, and then scrubbed it again. I rinsed feet in the same solution i had before (not a fresh batch). Then i dried with a towel, then with a hair dryer and used Mylanta (or milk of magnesia). It has a very high pH of 10.5 so it should make it tough for the fungus to thrive. It makes your toes white but after i dried it with a hair drier it wouldn't rub off on clothes and stuff much at all.

So far i've noticed it cut down in itchiness and actual flaking by at least 80% and i didn't harm my feet in disastrous ways. I think the baking soda in my sock the night before probably was a bit over kill. I will try mix some corn starch with baking power next time to dilute it a bit.

Hope that helps someone out there. I'm going to do the same tomorrow and then just use the scrub of selsun in the shower because it takes up too much of my time and i just need it in control. I'm airing my feet out for 8 hours and as much as i can, i don't want to sleep with them uncovered incase i put the fungus in my bed sheets.


On and off, I have had persistent athlete's foot for the better part of my life. I've used a diluted bleach solution effectively in the past, but only when desperate, as it is a carcinogen. For my most recent outbreak I was given a prescription (again) from my dermatologist (can't remember name or strength). I used it for several months with no end to my problem. I then looked online for home remedies and saw that someone had mentioned vinegar as a solution. Since I wasn't interested in trying bleach again (a strong basic chemical), I thought I would try a strong acidic chemical this time - and one that won't give me cancer in the future, to boot. Short answer - vinegar works very well! Long answer, my method to follow:

1. I soaked my feet in pure vinegar for ~30 minutes, then air-dried my feet. When my feet were dried I scraped my feet with a foot conditioning stone. The vinegar really softens the callouses on your feet and makes removal very easy (note to self for future pedicures!). Since the fungus hides in the nooks and crannies of your foot's callouses, removing the callouses and opening up all of the blisters helps air them out.

2. After doing this, I applied the prescribed athlete's foot medication. I honestly believe that an OTC medication would work just fine. It might be good to alternate between treatment types so that the fungus doesn't develop a resistance to one or the other.

3. I followed the foot soak and cream application twice a day, and scraped my feet every couple of days at night before going to bed.

4. I would follow this regimen for at least 2 weeks. If you are diligent, I am confident this will work for you. If it sounds like too much work, then perhaps you're not as sick of your athlete's foot fungus as I was.

5. Don't forget to clean all of your socks and shoes! Launder socks, insoles (if removable), and shoes (when possible), and set shoes and insoles out in the sun to dry. If you have work boots, launder insoles and use a foot powder inside the boot. If you wear high heels, you can clean the foot bed with a cloth soaked in vinegar. I would do this at the beginning of the regimen and then again after a few weeks of treatment.


I finallly got a handle on my athletes foot!
I sparyed my foot with Lysol three times a day and then spent time in the sun, making sure my foot got plenty of sunshine. I bought the Lysol for $2 at Target.
In between, I'd coat with over the counter fungus cream and Vicks vapor rub.At night, I slept with the foot exposed with a thin treatment of Vicks.
After three days of this treatment,the skin stopped sloughing off and the itching finally stopped. Now the skin is looking much better.


Absorbine Jr. worked for me. I didn't have any open soars or oozing, just regular athletes foot that the over the counter meds. would never take away. It has been many,many years,but as I recall, I used this for about a week once a day after my shower. It burned a very little at first then stopped as it quickly dried. I did not rinse it off. It permanently cured the athletes foot. There were a couple of other times over the past 30 years where I thought I may have caught athletes foot again. So I used it on the suspected area and it fixed it.


I am telling you, I have tried everything possible ,even the lotrium spray !! NOTHING worked, until I used the females monistate cream on my feet, it is used for yeast infection ,but I am telling you in 4 days, it was almost all gone and shewwwwwww was I glad!! Apply the cream twice a day and it'll be gone in no time!! THIS IS NO HOAX !!! IT WORKS !!

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